Lost In Pattaya – Kishore Modak

lost-in-pattaya-400x400-imadxafrkwdnwnggI had read Kishore Modak’s debut book “Main In Singapore”¬†and hadn’t liked it much and I was quite skeptical about when he requested me to review Lost In Pattaya. After reading the blurb of the book, I thought of giving this book a shot with a promise to myself that if the book didn’t appeal me, I will not read it further and will put it down and that has clearly not happened here. I quite liked this book for a simple fact that Kishore had upped his game from his previous book.

Lost In Pattaya is a story about a man, Palash who loses his daughter in Pattaya while on a vacation with his family. He is smart, has a good job but his married life wasn’t on track. However, he and his wife decided that they will not let their daughter get affected because of this and they kept their promise. Palash is indulgent by nature and is addicted to drugs and alcohol. While on the vacation, his wife asks him to take care of their daughter Li Ya but he gets engaged with a drug peddler in buying some cocaine and that’s when his daughter goes missing. During his search, he loses his job, gets divorced and everything just goes downhill for him. After an intense search, he somehow manages to find Li Ya but by then his life was in complete shambles and then comes a time to get hold of his life.

Lost In Pattaya is a gripping read. The plight of a father and a man has been showcased rather convincingly through words. You feel bad for Palash and at the same time you feel what the hell is he upto. Modak’s writing has definitely improved since his last book an I must congratulate him for that. This book deserves to be read once. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Author
Publisher :  Grapevine Books
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 150/-

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