Losing My Religion – Vishwas Mudagal

losing-my-religion-400x400-imadsz9xz9syc6geLosing my religion came in with an interesting blurb and I read it mostly while I was commuting to work and this book also accompanied me to the world book fair in New Delhi. Losing my religion is the debut book of Vishwas Mudagal and an impressive one at that. Though at various instances, I felt the storyline is deviating from its path but towards the end, I was satisfied as a reader.

The story is about a failed entrepreneur, Rishi Rai. He is a gamer and wanted to revolutionise the entire gaming industry with his ideas and new games. But things go terribly wrong. His business has shut down and he is on the verge of bankruptcy. He doesn’t know what to do and while figuring things out for himself, he bumps into Alex, a crazy Amercian hippie. Rishi would have never thought that he and Alex would hit off really well but they did and there begins an unexpected and unexplored life for Rishi.

Rishi & Alex set out on an adrenaline charge adventure where they traverse the country from the Himalayas to the west coast and do it all, uninhibitedly. Life takes a sudden turn for Rishi, when he bumps into Kyra, a gamer herself and extremely beautiful. Rishi falls for Kyra without caring about who she is and where she comes from and then something happens that Rishi couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams. And to know that, you got to read this book.

Coming to the writing, Vishwas has done a decent job. He knows his craft and manages to hook a reader with his writing style and narration. Few heres and theres are there in the story but can be overlooked. Overall, the book is a decent read that can be finished in a couple of hours. Its racy and unpredictable and will force you to turn pages.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint Books
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 199/-

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