Life or Death – Michael Robotham

20569350There are times when you just pick a book on a whim and end up loving it. Life or Death by Michael Robotham did fit into this category. The interesting thing about the author is that he’s ghost-written many bestselling autobiographies in collaboration with many famous people such as politicians, pop stars, psychologists, adventurers and show-business personalities, all thanks to his journalistic career.

Audie Palmer, a young man convicted of armed robbery ten years earlier and in which four people died flees his jail cell the day before he’s given state-sanctioned freedom for serving time. Now that made for an interesting plot to begin people. The question you ask yourself is, why would someone do that when he’s about to get released on the very next day. And then, a witch-hunt by authorities and criminals begin to find Palmer because of two reasons, one, because he had not completed his jail sentence and two, they believed that Palmer knows where those $7 millions dollars are hidden.

As you will move forward, the plot gets more and more convoluted but one thing that as a reader I couldn’t stop doing was to root for Palmer. An unexpected sidekick, Moss. He really came into his own as the story progressed and towards the twists and turns toward the end of the book left me wide-eyed and shocked me beyond belief. I was like, how can something like that possibly happen? And that’s what made Life or Death what it is.

The book was a simply a sensational tale. Taut, fast-paced, filled with believable characters, Robotham’s cracking dialogue, and original descriptions, I couldn’t put this down. One thing that stood out for me in the book was the way the author described the surroundings and landscapes in the story and bringing everything to life. A perfect holiday read, if you are a sucker for thrillers, this book won’t disappoint you.

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Publisher : Sphere
Genre : Thriller
Price :  Rs. 399/-

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