Life Is What You Make It ….

I don’t know but suddenly this feeling has sank in me that I express myself better on the blog. During past few days a major turmoil is boiling up in my head-space and I’m constantly looking for something to tone it down and reading has helped me in toning it down somehow.
So, during my chase for some mental peace and seeing beyond the usual, I came across this book which my sister ordered for herself from Flipkart, “Life Is What You Make It” by Preeti Shenoy. People say one should never judge a book from its cover, but I say “Judge a book by its title” and when I say this, I’d like to add a disclaimer too – “Your judgments can be wrong, don’t blame me for it”. Somehow I agree with the title of this book. It is solely up to you where you want to end up in life. 
Last night during a normal conversation with one of the twitter users, who knows my mentor before than I knew her, she told me something that my mentor asked her years back and the question was “What do I have as my achievement which is not materialistic?” and she couldn’t answer it. And I guess, any sensible person, would not be able to answer this question instantly. This is something which needs a lot of thought process. This is my personal opinion though. 
Well, coming back to the book, it is about the life of a girl, Ankita, and her quest for something which even she was not sure about. What I could make out from the book is, her life was a roller coaster ride, totally unpredictable. She did so many things knowingly, unknowingly in her life and yet she had this weird satisfaction with everything that she did. 
According to me, satisfaction is a limitless word. I personally feel that the day when you are satisfied with everything that is happening around you, you are ready to die. I am not a greedy person, not at all. But yes, I do not get satisfied with things easily. There is always an urge to do better and reach the next level and I feel its perfectly normal. That’s why I could relate myself with the central character of this book. I was so glued to her life that I finished the whole book in like 3.5 hours in a single shot.  
In the book, I felt that Ankita was hounded with too many expectations. Expectations from different people. The expectations that took their toll on her came from her parents. And it is in a way same for everyone. The day when a couple comes to know that they are going to become parents, they start expecting a whole lot of things from their child. Even before the child is born. And the magnitude of these expectations increases exponentially as the child grows. It happens with everyone. Happened with me and I’m sure it has happened with the person who is reading this. 
If you closely look at it, we spent most of our lives in living up to the expectations of others. Be it our parents, teachers, friends, bosses, life partners, children (My age is just 23 and I’m unmarried) and some acquaintances too. It is a vicious circle. The moment you don’t live up to someone’s expectations, they start judging you, your moral values, your sensitivity towards issues and towards people and it floods your mind with millions of thoughts. Some are good in clearing these thoughts in a jiffy and many take forever to sort things out. And the day, when you actually do something for yourself regardless of what others would think of it, the sense of achievement is impeccable.
As, you can see I easily deviate from the main motive of the blogpost quite frequently, so I would like to get back to it again, I recommend you to read this book. As I’m very much into mathematics and stuff, I would say, the life of Ankita was actually like a sinusoidal curve which varied from extreme positives to extreme negatives. The book deals with something very major which is still considered as a taboo in our society and may be most of you can relate yourself with a few instances here and there. 

2 thoughts on “Life Is What You Make It ….

  1. I too have read the book. And believe me it has helped me a lot in my life’s perspective.
    Life at times just moves from one source of anxiety to the next.

    We take people for granted. We trust the wrong people. Then at one point realization comes. I believe people are going to remember you for one or two reasons. The problems you create or the problems you help solve.

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