Let’s question whose faith in God is more real?

This post is based on a real story, and I care two hoots if you think ill and two faced of me.

So, let’s start it by putting this way. “If you want to see what mismanagement means, visit a Hindu Temple on any festival”. Hindus are supposed to be highly religious and god fearing. Yes, thats the truth. I am a hindu too. I am not writing this to bait a religion. I am just talking about the people who follow Hinduism.

Yesterday was one auspicious day. Amavasya (No Moon Day) and me and my family planned a visit to Mathura & Vrindavan. We were anticipating that the place would be highly crowded but my Mom wanted to go and visit the temples as according to the hindu calendar, it was also the last day of an auspicious month. So, I decided let’s go and asked my best buddy to join in and I am glad I did that. He was kind enough to accept my request.

So, after visiting Dwarka Dheesh temple in Mathura city, which is located on the banks of river Yamuna, we headed off straight to one of the most famous temples of India, Banke Bihari Mandir in Vrindavan. I have been to this temple a lot of times and have seen mismanagement of the highest order. Though, once you are inside the temple, the kind of peace it offers is unimaginable, but the struggle to find yourself a place to stand in the temple is something that will suck the soul out of your body.

There is a small and congested street that leads to the temple. There are shops on the both sides of the street which adds to the chaos. Yesterday when I saw the crowd on that street, I was in two minds, whether I should skip visiting the temple or not. But, my dad and mom, highly religious people they wanted to visit it anyway and offer their prayers. So I was like, okay, lets march. This was the condition of the street though

The street that leads to the temple

So, after some 40 mins of the pushing and struggling with people in the crowd, me and my mom made our way to the platform on which the temple is built. The situation was worse there. People were pushing each other and people who was exiting from the temple used the same path to go back. So, it was two way traffic on an already trafuckked way. People were pushing each other and I could see children crying. There was this whole group from Rajasthan with some 8-10 ladies in it, all of them got badly stuck in the crowd and some rowdy men snatched their Odhnis. Which was totally sick. The women were crying and shouting on the top of their voices but no one came forward. Even I didn’t because I had to take care of my mom.

Once we somehow managed to reach the platform after climbing some 8-10 stairs, the situation was even worse. There were a few cops standing there pushing the already growing and stuck crowd with full force. I asked my mom

Me : Mom, are you sure you want to do this ? I dont feel good at all.

Mom : What do you think ?

Me : Lets move out of this crowd.

Mom : Okay. Try to make a way I will follow you.

I pushed a few people to make a way, but then there was this whole group of men who came in between me and my mom. I somehow managed to get on the side thinking that mom is following me, but once I got back into my senses, I couldn’t see my mom. I panicked. Anyone would. It was quite normal.

I asked a cop to help me in getting on to a small makeshift table that they were standing on to locate my mom in the crowd, but he pushed me and abused me badly. Thats when I completely lost it. The cops are good for nothing if you ask me. You offer them some currency and they would give you instant blowjobs. I dropped the idea of going out of the crowd and find my mom instead. I pushed a few people got again into the crowd. Thats when I found my friend, Shobhit, who was with me.

Me : How come you are here, you were much ahead of us with Dad and sis?

Shobhit : Yaar, just see the condition. I lost both of them. They went ahead. What are you gonna do about slippers that you are wearing ?

Me : Fuck it. I am wearing them inside. I dont care now. Fuck this whole shit.

Shobhit : What do I do ?

Me : See, I am not taking them off anyway. If I can take this much pain to visit my God, I am sure my God won’t mind me wearing slippers inside the temple. So its okay. I dont care.

Shobhit : Okay, then I am not taking my sandals off too.

Me : Okay. Did you see Mom ?

Shobhit : No I didn’t. She was with you, right ?

Me : Yes, she was with me, I tried to get out with her from this shit but somehow I lost her and now I can’t see her at all. Hope she is safe. She is also carrying her bag. I hope no one snatches it. There are a lot of crooks here.

Shobhit : Okay, let’s try to get inside and locate her.

Me : Okay.

So, somehow me and Shobhit after pushing and struggling with an already troubled lot of people made out way inside the main gate of the temple. Situation got worse as we entered the gate. I was pushed by a whole swarm of people in such a way that my back hit a wall adjacent to me and I was unable to breathe. Then I took the help of my huge body and pushed people like I never did and said a silent “Fuck You All”. I didn’t care about anyone at that moment. All I was worried about was my mom.

Me and Shobhit also got away in this chaos. Then suddenly I was stopped by one of the crowd management people.

He : Why are you wearing your slippers inside the temple? Take them off.

Me : First you manage this godforsaken place, then ask me to take my slippers off. And I am not the only one who is doing that.

I pointed to several other people towards their feet, they were all wearing their slippers.

He : Take them off, else I wont let you in.

Me : Do whatever you want and dare you touch me to stop me from entering.

The person kept shouting and I moved on. He started cursing me and I was like “Fuck You asshole”.

I was again struggling with the growing crowd. Somehow inside the temple, the situation got a bit better. They had barricaded the whole arena of the temple but people as usual were trying to jump the barricades to reach and see their God. Sick it was. No one has got the patience. Hindus are highly rowdy that ways. I have seen it always. And then each motherfucker complaints about the mismanagement in temples. Anyways. I didn’t jump over any barricade and was following the routine. Push people and make your way. Locate your Mom.

I could see females struggling to keep their clothes on. Children crying. Men carrying their children on their shoulders. But none of them had clearly thought about not entering such sort of crowd. All they wanted is to see their God. Such is faith. No matter it takes your life away.

I was again stopped by a Temple priest this time.

He : Saaley! Mandir ke andar chappal pehen ke aa rahe ho ? Sharam nahin aa rahi ? (Asshole, you are entering the temple with your slippers on, dont you feel shame?”

Me : Aisa hai Panditji, Aap pehle apne yeh mandir ka hisaab kitaab sudharein, manage karein theek se. Chappal kya, main nanga bhi aa jaunga andar. Koi dikkat nahin hai mujhe. ( Look Mr.Priest, try to improve the conditions and manage this temple properly, I have no issues in entering the temple naked also, forget about my slippers).

He : Chappal pehen ke aa rahe hai Mandir ke andar. Aisi shraddha hai inki ? (They are wearing slippers in the temples, such is their faith)

Me : Meri shraddha kya hai aur kisme hai, yeh mujhe pata hai. Aap apna kaam karein. (What my faith is, and in what it is, I know it. You focus on your job.)

I said this to him, didn’t take my slippers off and entered into the main arena of the temple. WITH MY SLIPPERS ON. There were a lot of people doing that. I hardly care. Bowed my head to the God. Asked him to forgive me for me entering with the slippers on. Said my prayer. The condition was quite okay there. No one was now pushing each other and everyone was busy adoring the  idol of the God which actually looked beautiful. It took me a few minutes to say my prayer and again my quest to locate my Mom began. I got out of the barricades by following the path. And then what I saw shook my soul

A senior priest of the temple, was snatching and abusing a woman because she was wearing slippers inside the temple.

Priest : Bhenchod, Mandir mein chappal pehen ke aayi hai. Sharam nahin aati tumhe ? Apne aap ko bhakt kehte ho? ( Sisterfucker, you are wearing slippers inside the temple, aren’t you ashamed ? You call yourself a devotee )

The lady was crying furiously, her only child was missing. She was haphazardly looking for her child and didn’t paid attention to what the priest way saying and doing to her.

Priest : Madarchod, bahot hi kamine bhakt hai. Bhagwan ki, Shuddhi ki koi parwah nahin hai inn logo ko. (Motherfuckers, these people are assholes, they are least bothered about God and the purity of this place)

He was using expletives one after the another. He was also backed up by some more priests from the temple. All of them abusing so loudly and continuously. Thats when I passed through the lot.

One of the priests : Oye Behen Ke Lode! Mandir mein chappal pehen ke kyun aaya hai ? ( Yo! (Another Hindi Expletive), what  have you wore slippers inside the temple).

The head priest was busy struggling with that woman. He noticed me and started abusing me.

Priest : Saaley! Madarchod bhakt aaye hai. Bahot hi harami hai yeh sab. (Assholes, a whole lot of motherfuckers have come this time, all of them are sheer assholes)

Thats when I completely lost it. I told them, You don’t have to abuse these men. They are priests.

Me : Pandit Ji, ek baat batayein, mandir mein Maa Behen ki gaaliya aap de rahe hai, mujhe chhodiye, ek aurat ko. Aur aap mujhe bol rahe hai Mandir mein chappal pehen ke kyun aaya hoon main ? ( Mr. Priest, tell me something, you are abusing inside the temple on the name of mothers and sisters, that too for a woman, and you are asking me why am I wearing slippers inside the temple ? )

Priest : Mandir mein chappal pehen ke aate hai kya ? ( Is wearing slippers allowed inside the temple)

Me : Mandir mein Maa Behen ki gaaliya bhi nahin di jaati hai, jaise aap de rahe hai. ( You don’t abuse inside the temple too, like you are abusing people here)

His whole group of priests charged towards me, and one of them held me too.

Me : Mujhe haath mat lagaiye. Agar main apni pe aa gaya to bahot bura hoga. ( Dont touch me, if I get started, then you dont’ know what I will do to you)

The person freed me. The priest had left that lady also, and his entire focus was on me. It was quite a scene there which no one actually noticed. Everyone was busy wooing God. I was constantly thinking about my Mom and dealing with this bunch of idiots. This happened right next to the exit gate and I knew what I had to do.

Me : Aapko meri chappalo se pareshaani hai na ? Yeh lijiye meri chappal. ( I took off my slippers, took them in my hands) ( You have problem with my slippers, I offered them to him by taking them off )

The priest was stunned.

Me : Iske upar Dakshina bhi rakhu kya ? 500 Rs bahot rahenge ? (You want some monetary offerings too? Would 500 bucks be sufficient?)

The priest and the whole group was stunned. They were staring at me like I have asked them “Can I rape you please?”.

I dropped my slippers there only and stormed out of the temple. I didn’t bother to look back and took the exit gate which was bustling with people. Hindus basically. Not hindus. Humans actually. Indians mostly. Who never want to follow the rules and the system. Because from Exit gates, they were trying to enter the temple. Such are Indians, and such is their faith for God.

A head priest can abuse the shit out of people, but no one says anything to him. But, if a troubled soul, who has lost her only child in the crowd entered a temple with her slippers on, she is abused on the name of mothers and sisters. These same priests are considered and given so much respect in the society. They teach people to respect women and then they themselves do the same.

The quest to search my Mom took another hour or so. I kept waiting outside the temple and kept calling her. Dad, Sister and Shobhit met outside another exit of the temple. Mom met them and I took a sigh of relief. When I met Mom, she told me, that she fell down because someone pushed her very badly and somehow she managed to save herself. Later in the evening, I got a call from one of my neighbours and she told me that there has been a stampede in the temple. Which I was sure will happen. I am glad we were out of the place at the right time.

The Exit Gate. If you can notice, people trying to enter the temple from here.

If you want to see heights of Mismanagement, visit a hindu temple. I mean it. Its everywhere. People offers tons of money to these temples, but hardly any is used to create a proper system. Though, Vaishno Devi is managed very well, but when Indians visit any place, they are bound to break the rules of the place. They take pride in it. Its in our blood actually. And then we complain about the system, the facilities, we question each other’s faith in God and then blame the authorities for being irresponsible and stuff.

I normally don’t do this. But if you have read this one. I want you to share this post on whatever social media website you are using and bring this in notice of people. See what sort of ill-treatments women and people get in what we call as the house of God and that too from the torch bearers of God’s house. The priests.



5 thoughts on “Let’s question whose faith in God is more real?

  1. Well written.Some of your quotes have fingered those priests but touched my heart. And regarding India, we take much pride in using abusive language and if you a priest of a temple, that is your permanent job for you as well as your lads and so on, who would fire you from that position.They take the Pride…aka Ego for that. Remember, Even Mathura Naresh Lord Krishna told in “Gita” that those who are Egoistic can not reach me. And those priests haven’t versed this one…Following what Lord Krishna says in Gita- you did good to crush their ego and pay them a lesson..I will go with you!

  2. Our religion has been too commercialised for our own good. Maybe this is why my mother always says, God is within you, not in man-made structures. 🙁

    Well written, Yatin. Why don’t you put this up for Tangy Tuesday pick on BlogAdda, for tomorrow? or for Sat? More ppl should read this.

  3. Huh, it happens all over the nation. Nothing new, go to Tirupathi, it happens even there. I faced such brutal pushing from people. Neither do I believe in God, nor do I pray. I go to temples because of my parent’s request. But disrespecting anyone (esp Women with child) in Public is heights, that too in temple? And that too by a priest? Man, first of all he can’t be a human. Not sure Krishna asked them to treat their believers like shit.

    Whatever. Nice post to slap with a slipper on some peoples face.

  4. hmm. finally i could find sometime to go through this page. its all same everywhere. i have seem watchmen smoking inside the temples but no one does anything to them. for passing the time, they even listen to bollywood songs inside the temple or watch movie clips on mobile phones. India has always been like this. being in mumbai for all 28 years of my life, i always avoid visiting big temples on such occassions. we are sure to be hurted more by actions of people rather than the sins we have done in past 🙂 keep writing Yatin!

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