Lethal Spice – Swati Kaushal

lethal-spice-400x400-imadxdarz3bw9gzgI had read Drop Dead by Swati Kaushal and remember finishing it in a couple of hours and it had kept me awake through the night. I have also referred her books to a lot of readers I know and they liked the way it was written. When “Lethal Spice” came in for review, I was delighted. I was craving for a well-written and spicy thriller and Lethal Spice was just what I had wanted. All thanks to Swati’s publishers, Hachette India.

Lethal Spice is set in Shimla. Its October and the town is gearing up to welcome the finalists of India’s No.1 reality show, Hot Chef (Foodies who love reading thrillers, here is a book you would want to read). The stakes are high and the finalists are ready to slit each other’s throats to win the competition and then things go horribly wrong when people are found dead one after the other. Niki Marwah, Shimla’s Superintendent of Police takes charge of the case and there begins a roller coaster ride for her. So many people are on her radar as each one of them have their motives hidden or out there in public. As she delves deeper into this case, she finds herself getting involved and that’s when it starts affecting her.

Swati Kaushal has done it again for me with Lethal Spice. The book kept me awake and I finished reading it in a single shot. More than anything else, the theme of the plot is something I thoroughly enjoyed i.e. killers in the culinary world. The writing is taut, the plot is racy and in the end, when the real culprit is revealed, it blows your mind. Lethal Spice has everything that a good thriller needs. Just give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Hachette India
Genre : Fiction, Thriller
Price : Rs. 350

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