Leading Ladies – Sudha Menon

Leading LadiesThere are times when you are in dire need of some inspiration and that is when you turn towards people or books to pour your heart out and listen to what they have to say. Last couple of months have been really turbulent on the work front and before hitting the bed each night, I needed to motivate myself to deal with the next day.  Leading Ladies by Sudha Menon played an important role in making me survive those times. Every night, I used to read a couple of pages from this book, soak in everything it had to offer and then sleep.

Having read Legacy by Sudha Menon, I had high expectations from this one and it didn’t disappoint me at all. Also, having met Sudha personally and knowing the person that she is, I knew that this book will definitely touch a chord. The book features 15 leading ladies of the country who have come forward to share their experience with life. These women managed to struck a fine balance between their professional and personal lives and have achieved a lot in both the areas.

Leading Ladies features the lives of prominent achievers like Anu Aga, Vinita Bali, P T Usha, Mallika Sarabhai, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Amrita Patil, Shaheen Mistri and some more. There is something or the other about their lives that will inspire you and will push you to work harder and identify your calling. One thing that each one of them have in common is that they had set their priorities straight and this is what made them what they are today.

A reader will definitely gather a lot of food for thought after finishing each chapter of this book. If you manage to learn at least one thing from each of the chapters of the book, I believe that the purpose of this book is solved. Leading Ladies is definitely one of those books that everyone should have on their bookshelf and take inspiration from.

Book Source : Author
Genre : Non-Fiction
Price : Rs. 395/-

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