Kitnay Aadmi Thay ????

What comes in your mind, when you hear this line “Kitnay Aadmi Thay?”. I am sure all the Bollywood addicts would say only one word “Sholay”. Yea that’s what comes in our minds. That intimidating laugh of Gabbar Singh and numerous dialogues that are etched in our brains because we have heard them over and over again.
But this post is not about Sholay at all, this is about the book that I finished reading recently with the title “Kitnay Aadmi Thay” penned down by Diptakirti Chaudhari (Twitter : @Diptakirti). This 300 page book summarizes whatever Bollywood has offered till now since its inception in a very compact and interesting way.
Personally I really liked the way this book has been structured. It is about Bollywood trivia and things which most of us can connect to (Obviously, if you are a die-hard fan of Bollywood). Published by Westland Books, this book is divided into 7 main chapters with further bifurcations which proves that how well thought the idea of the book is. I would really like to name all the 7 chapters here and would leave the rest for you to figure out, and obviously for that you need to shell out some bucks from your pocket and buy this book. 
1. Movies, Masti, Magic.
2. Manoranjan Ka Baap.
3. The Source Code.
4. People Like Us.
5. Obsessions.
6. We, The People.
7. Those Magnificent Men and Women.
The Luncheon With The Author : 
Westland Books gave an opportunity to a few of us to get up, close and personal with Diptakirti, the author of the book. The lunch was organized at Zura, that definitely brings together the rustic charm of a bistro and bakery with the urban chic of a lounge bar. The ambiance was just perfect to meet several strangers who had two things in common : The passion for reading and immense love for Bollywood.
Thats Diptakirti (In Orange) with his book
The meetup started with an informal introduction of all the people present there followed by a three course toothsome food. Zura definitely delivers what it promises. The director of Zura, Nidhi Wadhwa was also there as the host and ensured that everything goes smoothly.
All of us shared a lot of stories about movies and the most discussed movie was the recent Anurag Kashyap flick Gangs of Wasseypur, almost everyone is waiting for its next part to release. Diptakirti asked two questions related to the movie and Mukesh, a fellow blogger, won himself a meal voucher from Zura by answering the questions correctly. 
Diptakirti also shared about how he thought of writing this book and how he collected the trivia over the years. It took him almost 30 years to collect whatever information he has put into the book. And you must go through his blog to find out more about his passion for Bollywood. He blogs at Calcutta Chromosome. Towards the end of the meet, all the people present there got their copies signed by him and here is my copy with his signature (My first signed copy of all books I have).

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