Killing Ashish Karve – Salil Desai

killing-ashish-karve-400x400-imady8ggyjfkjeqfLet me just begin this review by saying Killing Ashish Karve is a gripping story of Ashish Karve’s murder and the police investigation that follows leaving them too confused for to conclude anything. Salil Desai has churned out a book which definitely hooks a reader from the word go but at the same time, its bizarre ending leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the reader. The good thing about this book is its pace and how Indian police deals with any murder case.

Ashish Karve is found dead in his car. With his body decomposing at the back seat of his own car, his wife Sanjot runs frantically around the city to find out the whereabouts of her husband. When nothing seems to work out, she reaches out to the local police station to help her in tracing her missing husband but things don’t turn out the way she expected.

What looked like a suicide on careful inspection turned out to be a murder and a whole lot of people fell into the list of suspects. Ashish’s business partner, his brother, his brother-in-law, his friends and some strangers too but nothing seemed to make sense for the Inspector Saralkar and PSI Motkar who were investigating the case.

In the end, what unfolds were something that made me cringe as a human being. But, nevertheless, the author has managed to keep the suspense intact through some 250 pages which is a good thing. The book is a page turner and can definitely be given a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint Books
Genre : Fiction, Thriller
Price : Rs. 199/-

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