Justice, System and Jessica

Being utter busy these days, I took out some time to catch up with the latest Bollywood flick No One Killed Jessica. To confess something, I was never interested in news and newspapers. My job and other things for which I need to keep myself update, made me follow newspapers and various channels. So, getting back to the point, about Jessica Lall, the only things which I had idea about were: 
1. She was a model.
2. She was shot by someone in some party in Delhi.
That’s about it. I had no clue, what happened after that, who did that and what was the case like.
All these things helped in increasing my curiosity towards this movie and the day I found that it is getting released in January, I decided that I’m not gonna miss it for anything. Several times I thought of searching about her case on the internet, but didn’t do as I thought it would spoil the entire movie for me. After watching the movie, I took out my cellphone and read the entire case on Wikipedia which made me upset totally. After reading all this, I realized that the name of the culprits I had heard somewhere, but never knew that they have a connection with this case.
The director of the movie Raj Kumar Gupta did a pretty awesome job, I must say. Though in the beginning of the movie a disclaimer came that only the facts have been weaved in order to give them a proper story. Well after reading the facts on Wikipedia (though some need citation), I would say Raj Kumar Gupta did an amazing job. Vidya Balan was too good in the movie and Rani did a pretty decent job.  Well, the idea about this blog post is not to tell you all about how good the movie was, that you have to decide by seeing it. But, this movie is not something to give it a miss. 
The main reason, I am writing this unplanned blog post, because the movie shook me from inside. Police, judicial system of India and the helplessness of Sabrina Lall, made me like we are living in a country where LIFE of a person has no value. How the hell could someone kill for a mere glass of drink (This was something I had no idea about the case). There is a line in this movie that Delhi is all about power, to which I completely agree. With the recent cases of rapes in Delhi, I feel totally insecure for all the females who I know. Though, Delhi has its positive sides too, but there are certain dark things about Delhi, which we always try to ignore and I’m no exception to it. 
The idea behind keeping the title as “Justice, System & Jessica” is system definitely came between Justice and Jessica. My uncle who is a lawyer in Supreme Court, always tell me that there are enough loopholes in our judicial system that can be used effectively to save a person being accused for a 100 murders. Its all about how a lawyer is using those loopholes, and by seeing the movie, I totally agree to this point. There are many cases involving high level of criminal activities, to name a few, the entire Nithari Village episode and then this Arushi Murder case which are still in court or may have been settled. 
Politicians and other powerful people have taken everything for a ride. We, Indians, keep on shouting that we have the largest Democracy in the world and let me tell you that its the Democracy only which would slowly killing the soul of India. A. Raja, Suresh Kalmadi and the scams related to them busted recently can be taken as examples to support my take on politicians. The son of some cabinet minister killed Jessica Lall, and how all the prime witnesses were manipulated by his people to save his son made me feel so sad. 
Media activism has definitely made us aware about various things which we should have focused upon. I totally salute Indian media for the kind of stuff they bought up in the Jessica Lall Murder Case. Though some news channels are exception to the real journalism. They are just here to print red, green notes with Gandhiji on them. Ruchika Malhotra, Priyadarshini Mattoo, Nitish Katara and there are other several cases that are pending the court due to people and lawyers using their power and the loopholes in the Indian judicial system wisely.
My next move would be, I would follow up the entire Jessica Lal murder case on the reports available on the internet and would see how media played its part in the entire case. And the stint begins from here.
R.I.P Jessica.

6 thoughts on “Justice, System and Jessica

  1. this case was in news a lot few years back because the girl was from chd and it was a local thing.

    yes, the system is sad, but there is little that can be done to make it al right.


  2. A very honest expression about the Jessica case. I think it is very true what you have highlighted.Justice in our country takes ages and is denied many times. In this case, money, muscle and political power has played a big role in denial of justice.What scares, as you rightly point out, is the fact that people can kill because they have been denied a drink.If this is the rage threshold at which our society is at present, then I dont dare to imagine what would happen as time goes.

  3. i agree that we keep on bragging round the world that we are the largest democracy… but what I have never understood is that what is so damn democratic about it? we still are being herded by a new breed of colonists who are wearing whites in place of reds.. that’s just it… the reds had their own laws and policies to which their people were the exception and similarly these white khaadis have law to do their bidding and protecting their kind and butchering the very people they swear to protect every year quite a number of times i.e everytime during the election campaigns….
    Sometimes… being a democratic.. really sucks !!!….

  4. its a long chain… bcos our criminal justice system couldn’t do enough to punish the killer, media had to step in… and now this movie is taking it even further. while justice has been secured, this movie is raising awareness about the case and how if we common people stick to our guns, we too can get justice!

    but there is still a long way to go when it comes to accountability by our police forces. just think about how much time poor arushi will spend before she gets justice!

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