Junglezen Sheru – Samarpan

junglezen-sheru-400x400-imadtxwakatrzbykThere’re books that you pick because their blurb looked interesting to you. The reason why I picked up Junglezen Sheru was the same but when I saw the genre of the book which is Fiction/Spirituality, it intrigued me and that’s when I thought, I am sure there book has something different to offer and it definitely did offer something different and that is, perspective.

Sheru loses his parents and the forest loses its only royal family. The inhabitants of the forest elect a monkey (Kapi) as their new leader and set some new rules for the jungle. Kapi believes in the right to equality and that’s when he declares that everyone living in the forest are now equal and all of them will be called Junglezen henceforth. Sheru, who has been adopted by Muktak (an elephant) accepts this new concept of living quite happily and moves on with his life. Things go haywire for the Junglezens when the forest is attacked by marauding wolves. No one knows what to do and how to deal with the catastrophe that’s destroying their jungle and that’s when someone steps up to show what leadership is all about.

For me, Junglezen Sheru turned out to be a delightful read.  There were times when I had to stop and figure out what the author is trying to say and in what context. The book had many things to offer other than a plain, simple story that makes you laugh out loud at times. 168 pages of a simple and thought provoking story is what Junglezen Sheru is all about that can be read by anyone and everyone.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Pan Macmillan India
Genre : Fiction/Spirituality
Price :  Rs. 150/-

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