It’s No Longer A Dream – Sanjeev Ranjan

its-no-longer-a-dream-400x400-imads9spsen29z3wI like light reads. There is something about them that make them irresistible no matter how many times you’ve read the same story or college love stories etc. etc. etc. They become monotonous but you still read them because they intrigue you at some level. But, It’s No Longer A Dream by Sanjeev Ranjan was quite different from what I had read so far. It turned out to be a well-crafted story that you could have done with some better editing. Nevertheless, I found it interesting and a pretty decent read.

The story is fairy simple. Akshat Diwan has grown up seeing failed friendships and relationships. He comes from a well-to-do yet dysfunctional family and his doesn’t believe in relationships. With this constant badgering of all this and a lot more, Akshat decides to quit and leaves his house and go on an undefined journey. All he is seeking is some moments of peace and solitude and may be some introspection. There comes in the story, a stranger. The stranger starts sharing anecdotes about his life and explains how important are relationships for a human being. No matter how much one tries to run away from them, they will come and rope you in.

Some heart-t0-heart conversations with the strangers changes something inside Akshat. He introspects and decides that the turmoil in his life has to end and it is high time he takes charge of things and set them in order. Does he manage to do all that? For that, you need to read this book by Sanjeev Ranjan.

Sanjeev’s writing style is simple and he knows how to engage a reader though he takes his own time to build up the story and the characters which is okay. Overall, I liked reading this book and managed to finish it in 3 hours flat. A decent read, something that can accompany you on your daily commute to work or on a short journey. Give it a shot. It is worth the money.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 100/-

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