It all started with an invite….

In past few years, Internet has become an integral part of my life. If its not there, I feel that I’m living in vacuum. I was never so fond of yahoo chat, google talk, orkut, facebook .. blah¬† blah blah …. the list is never ending as we all know.

Then one day I got this e-mail in my gmail inbox  

“Vishal Gupta(my cousin) has invited you to join Orkut”

And I had an idea about orkut, what is it about and people I knew were quite fond of internet and were always discussing about this thing named “Orkut”.

My friends were going crazy about number of scraps, photographs, checking out girls, their albums, games, applications, quizzes, this n that. And I had no clue about how to proceed with the thing, but one day I got this 2-3 hour tuition about “How to use Orkut ?” from my cousin who’d invited me to join it and a new dimension was added to my life.

Overdose of anything is definitely bad for anyone.

This social networking website “Orkut” definitely affected me in some good but more bad ways. All I used to care about is who scrapped what to me, how many friend requests, long scrap chat sessions with friends whom I used to meet daily in class, in playground or in normal day to day routine endlessly with utter nonsense.

But sooner of later I realized that, Orkut is much more about just adding people who you know. And I started visiting various X,Y,Z profiles and most of them were of the people with whom I shared common interests.

And through this ongoing process with no object behind, I met some wonderful people with whom I used to share a great friendship. Some of them have become real close friends and have got a special place in my life now. And then this orkut, google talk integration thing came up, which allowed users to add their orkut friends directly to their respective gmail accounts. And, that worked as “Petrol in Fire”.

And suddenly there was this BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM !!!! And the entire thing got changed.

People got pretty used to Orkut and it was spreading like a virus among humans, inviting friends to join it, telling friends to join it so that they can be in touch 24 x 7 and bitch around.

I myself had around 20,000 scraps on orkut, about 700 friends, dunno how many communities I was running. But all that came to a sudden end when I was introduced to Facebook.

To be continued …

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