Intuition vs Imagination

A question that you generally ask yourself about inner messages is “How can I tell whether the message came from my heart or just from my conscious mind? “

Conscience is definitely not the inner voice. For example, is the first inner guidance that every recognizes as being distinct from the inner chatter going on in their minds. It can also come with a feeling, a pang of conscience. You also know the “sound” of conscience : it sounds the same as the internal monologue that we normally hear, although sometimes it is stronger.

Conscience is definitely not always right, as it is a mixture of everyone’s morals made up of upbringing, guilts, school teachings, fear and other stuff.

The feeling of intuition when it has given us a creative inspiration, an insight, or the solution to a problem. Sometimes it can come not as a thought, but as a feeling, a knowing or a vision. There is also a negative voice that keeps coming regularly pointing out many flaws, which tends to break your spirits.

So, before you act on an inner message, how can you tell whether the message is from your inner voice, from conscience, from the critical inner voice, or from your other thoughts? Success Coach Michael Neill catches the flavor of the feeling of the inner voice when he says: “How can you tell the inner voice from all of the other voices in your head? The inner voice is the one that doesn’t think you suck.” If the question is whether an inner message is from your intuition or is just your mind making it up, concentrate on the feeling of the message. The inner message with the supportive feeling is likely from your inner voice.

So, try out this thing, because it really works.

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