Interviewing a person who has made a mark in the world gives you a high of different level. Though, it is slightly tough to get in touch with people whose are highly acclaimed in their respective fields.

Here I will be sharing some of the successful attempts where I have managed to interview people who are famous in their respective domains.

Hope you enjoy reading them and learn something from them. 🙂

List Of Interviews Done:

1. Interview with Ravi Subramanian, a best selling author about his new book The Bankster and other things. Read it here.

2. Interview with Abhisar Sharma, journalist and a popular name of the media industry about his latest book The Edge Of Machete and other things. Read it here.

3. Interview with Rishi Vohra, a debut author about his first book Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai and other things. Read it here.

4. Interview with Smita Shetty, another debut author about her first book Untruly Yours and other things. Read it here.

5. Interview with Chetan Chhatwal, about his debut book 55, A novel. Read it here.

6. Interview with Mainak Dhar, author of 12 books about his latest book Alice in Deadland. Read it here.

7. Interview with popular journalist/analyst and author of Accidental India, Shankkar Aiyar. Read it here.

8. Interview with Ma Anand Sheela, author of Don’t Kill Him – The Story Of My Life With Bhagwan Rajneesh. Read it here.

9. Interview with Richa Lakhera, journalist and author of Garbage Beat. Read it here.

10. Interview with Shubham Choudhary, entrepreneur and author of My EX Fell In Love. Read it here.

11. Interview with Sudhakar Ram, entrepreneur and author of The Connected Age. Read it here.

12. Interview with Aditya Magal, author of “How To Become A Billionaire By Selling Nothing”. Read it here.

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