Happy Birthday To Me :)

A birthday post. Procrastinated a lot whether I should write it or not but then, what the hell, its my birthday, I must do what I want to do.

Why are birthdays so special ? I never really understood this concept. But still, people including me wait for their birthdays all the time. May be its about gifts or wishes or may be because there is a day dedicated to you. Never really got the idea but I do look forward to my birthday. I gift myself something each year. It may be a promise or something materialistic or anything for that matter. I have a fetish for Apple products and last year I gifted myself the biography of Steve Jobs and this year it was the Apple TV which is not available in India but my twitter friend Deepak got it for me from UK. I am so thankful to him.

Introspection is something that has to be done on each birthday. Doing it since school times. Its important because you must know what all mistakes you committed last year and what all you learned in the previous year. What were your achievements and your major failures. You must go through all of it and analyse how to make the coming year more awesome. I do introspect. Past few days have taught me a lot and a very important lesson in life, which I would like to share here.

“When you are in trouble, no one else but only you can help yourself”

And thats the ultimate truth. Mental, emotional, financial or any kind of support can be given by people around you but that would never solve any of your problem until unless you really want to sort it out. That’s a fact. Believe it or not.

Also, I met a lot of people from various facets of life. Went to Mumbai, a trip which I would always cherish and met some amazing people there also in Delhi and learnt a lot. Like a lot.

I fell in love also. Yes, so much that I have been spending all my time with my love since past 3 months. Books. Yes. I have opened a whole new world for myself and I really feel awesome these days. Samarpita, a twitter friend has pushed me into reading and I am really thankful to her. Also, people from various publishing houses who have been sending me out the books for reviews, I am really grateful to them. Also, my website was a major achievement of my 24th year of my life. I got it done in September and its almost 2.5 months and I have managed to get some 28000 pageviews, which is like Awesome.

Also, a lot of people whom I thought I can count on taught me lessons. I would not like to name them but I am sure they would be reading this. I do not have anything against them but I just wish they experience what I felt like when I actually needed their support. May be I was expecting too much, but then, it wasn’t wrong on any level.

Survival is the key and I can gracefully say that I have survived the 24th year of my life and I am thankful to almighty for offering me with the best of everything and within few minutes, I would be stepping into the 25th year of my life. I am sure it would be awesome and if it doesn’t turn out to be awesome. I HAVE TO MAKE IT AWESOME!

CHEERS to life and myself !!! And Happy Birthday Yatin Gupta – Stay Awesome! 😀 😀

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