Happy Birthday Friend

This blog post is for a special friend, most of you would not even give a damn about it, but this one comes straight from the heart and the person to whom it is dedicated knows it quite well.

Twitter happened to me very late, it was something, which I never understood and thought that it is another shitty social networking platform for losers and it proved me wrong.

There were people, people whom you have no clue about. All you know is their unusual bios, with a weird handle name and unpredictable locations. Well, yes, it seems like a farce sometimes, but that’s the truth about twitter. So, initially when I joined twitter, being totally clueless, I started following some random people. Most of them were well-known pseudo twitter celebs that never gave a fuck about losers with less number of followers. No matter how good you are, they live in their own world with pseudo thoughts and lame thinking.

But, at some point of time, I realized that, twitter is about people and their thoughts, no matter how good or fucked up they are, it entirely depends on you that what you want to read and with whom you want to interact. It is totally up to you. No one is forcing you to follow him/her.

So, with such thoughts, I revived my abandoned twitter account once again, started following random people, and one day a lady followed me with the handle @BioIsMyPassion with her name “Maverika Jyothi” and there began a great friendship.

The reason, I am writing this post about her is. Its her birthday today. Perverts might think that, there is something going on between us, well, fuck you guys for that. Grow up with your thoughts. She is like an elder sister to me. Never said this to her and I don’t think she even knows about it. But now I’m confessing it that too on her birthday. I hope that makes her feel special.

Our interaction began with normal thought sharing about life and people around us and then this #Bakchodi gang happened. She is one of the most active members in the gang and will tweet away to the glory. She is addressed as Meow ji and Billi Rani by most of the people on twitter. She loves the word “Meow”. She even had this twitter handle for quite some time @TheSmartbilli and that explains everything about this “Meow” theory.  But mind you, she will never cross the lines. Never Ever. A lady that speaks her heart, whether you like it or not. Once a friend, always a friend. And the best part about her is, she cares about each and every twitter handle that she interacts with. That shows her generous and caring nature.

Well, I would not want to throw much light on the recent tremors that I got hit by in past few months, but she was the strongest pillar of support that I always had. She is too far from me, but her words gave me instant support and strength to fight with the misery.

One thing that I hate about her is, she gets upset with the smallest things going around. You must learn to ignore coz Ignorance is bliss. I learnt it in a hard way and I’m not even trying to preach you something here, but this is necessary. You cannot let people take you for a ride just because you are being nice to them always.

A person with strong thoughts and strong mind, no matter in how much pain she is, she would not mind standing by your side.

There is so much to learn about life from her, I’m not saying that she is perfect cuz no one is, but, she is better than most of you people who rant and rave about things. (Me included). I am not trying to sound nice here just cuz it’s her birthday. This comes straight from the heart and I don’t give a fuck about what you are thinking at the moment.

Now to sum up, I’d copy her twitter bio here and I’d leave the rest on you
“A traveler in my dreams, blogger, dreamer, thinker, talker, oodles of bitter and sweet, loves quotes, music, poem and words, don’t go by my face, ;), it bites”
But, mind you don’t judge her with this. She is much more than that. Beyond your fucked up imagination/perception whatever you’d like to term it as.

Wish you a very very happy birthday and I hope you get all the happiness in the world.
Looking forward to meet you on your trip back home and I hate the conditions which are not letting you to come to Delhi ☹ . Well, never mind, as I’ve promised. We have to meet, and there is no other option for both of us. ☺

Follow her on twitter @Ruminativa and be nice to her. Else, you can’t even imagine what I’ll do to you.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Friend

  1. I just wanna like this Article that came straight from your heart & I rarely find such purest forms of love. I Respect that. No more words from Me as I think commenting on it is….. just not okay. 🙂 Happy Birthday Meaow ji 😀

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