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When someone asks you to write guest posts for their blog or e-magazine, you feel elated. Its a privilege to write for someone’s space and I have given this honour by a few people of the online world. Below are the links of the posts that I have written so far for other people’s blogs.

1. Kolkata – A Memoir : For a dear friend Agnivo Niyogi’s blog Aaganz World, who is an avid reader, tweeter and extremely passionate about his homeland, Bengal. Here is the link.

2. Me About My Thoughts : For my twitter friend Alpa, who blogs at One More Page Please. An avid reader and she just loves books like I do. Here is the link of what I wrote.

3. Books, Conversations and an evening to remember : For Little Black Book Delhi’s website. The post is about an event which Little Black Book Delhi and Random House India did together, named “A Few Of My Favourite Books”. Read it here.

4. From A Techie To A Reader/Writer : For a friend Akshay Thakur’s blog Subterranean Musings. Akshay is a poet, avid reader and works as a software engineer. Read the post here. 

5. It’s Okay To Fall. But, Do Get Up & Walk : For a dear friend Samarpita’s blog Words’ Worth By Samarpita. Samarpita is my twitter friend, I look up to her in many ways and respect her for no reason. She writes really well. Read my post here.

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