God’s Own Office – James Joseph

gods-own-office-400x400-imaeyffdx45tyfhcAs far as I knew, companies in India were slowly adapting themselves to the global culture of working from home. In my opinion, working from home comes with his own pros and cons. At one point, you feel this is the best thing that could have ever happened to you but at times, you feel that you were better off in office because coordinating across various teams and departments becomes a mammoth task. James Joseph demystifies the concept of working from home in his book God’s Own Office. He worked as Director, Executive Engagement for a global giant Microsoft sitting in his little, quaint village in Kerala. And trust me, it was not an easy life for him, however, he was living his dream life.

James Joseph had his own share of ups and downs in his life which he has candidly spoken about in his book. There were times he took decisions in the best interest of his career and his family and somehow everything worked in his favour. Right from finding his first job to moving to USA and then UK and coming back to his hometown and setting up Jackfruit365, his own startup to create an organised market for nutrient-rich Jackfruit, James always played by rules and made an extra effort to keep everything in order.

Setting up an office in a village where you need to have access to all the basic amenities required for an Office, James chose his options carefully and ensured that nothing disrupts his daily work routine, his personal and social life. He ensured that he is giving back to the community too in his own way. God’s Own Office is a guidebook for all those who want to come back to their roots but are unsure of how will they cope of with their professional lives and baggage that comes with it. One thing, that I took away from James’ book is, if you play by the rules, then it is not at all impossible.

Book Source: Publisher
Publisher : Penguin Portfolio
Genre : Non-Fiction/Business
Price: Rs. 399/-

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