Gods, Kings & Slaves – The Siege Of Madurai – R. Venketesh

gods-kings-slaves-400x400-imadzungu4uxpnhcMythology is intriguing and for me and I am sure many others, its like an onion, you peel one layer and find another layer which can again be peeled off. A lot of authors are experimenting with the facts plus fiction genre these days and mythology is something that’s being presented to us readers in a way that we could have never imagined. I personally believe that there are pros and cons associated with this genre but let’s leave them for now and focus on R. Venktetesh’s Gods, Kings & Slaves that I finished reading a couple of days back and thoroughly enjoyed it.

As the author has immense interest in history, he has ensured that every aspect of the book is bound in such a way that a reader remains hooked to the story. In the 14th and 15th century, Tamil Nadu has seen some turbulent times and this story is just about that. It never really felt that this is author’s first work of fiction. Also, certain things about the book reminded me of the history lessons that I had studied in school about the Pandyas and Cholas.

Prince Veera Pandyan is all set to rule from Madurai and like every other kingdom in the history, the kingdom has its own termites that have eaten up the kingdom from inside which has caused threats to its stability. Sultan Alauddin Khilji, whose name is well known to everyone, his trusted general Malik Kafur and his greed makes him lock his eyes on the distant south and its riches and he starts off with a mission to siege Madurai, its wealth pillaged and temples destroyed.

During Kafur’s quest to siege Madurai, a lot of unexpected things happen to the ancient city. It combusts in the flame of treachery, deceit, lies, lust, revenge and ambitions. Slaves rise to rule and the rulers get lost in the mayhem. All this and a lot more, Gods, Kings & Slaves is filled with twists and turns that will make a reader sit straight and turn pages. Give it a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Hachette India
Genre : Historical Fiction
Price : Rs. 395/-

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