Result – Giveaway 1 – Untruly Yours by Smita Shetty

First of all, thanks everyone for participating in the giveaway. Smita and me are really thankful that you guys participated inuntruly-yours-275x275-imadaw7fzfbfzkm6 this one!

Here are the winners

Agnivo Niyogi and Somya Singh

Congratulations Agnivo and Somya. Please send in your details to at the earliest.

Also, thanks to Smita Shetty, the author of Untruly Yours for agreeing to come up with this giveaway!

Writing, according to most, is the most powerful tool to express oneself. As they say, a pen is mightier than a sword, but here

we are not fighting any intellectual wars.

Smita Shetty’s debut book Untruly Yours, a romantic comedy is already creating a buzz and gaining accolades in the blogosphere and to celebrate this, I in association with Smita, would like to announce a Giveaway!

I have 2 copies of the book by Smita Shetty’s Untruly Yours to Giveaway. All you have to do is, write a short story of 100 words on the phrase “Untruly Yours”. Genre can be anything. Smita and I will select two of the best stories and the book will come knocking on your door in no time!

Giveaway terms and conditions

1. Post your story in the comments section

2. Stick to word limit

3. Giveaway is restricted to India only

4. Giveaway commences now and ends on 16th December, midnight

Sounds simple? So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the creative writer in you and churn out a story on your real or fictional Untruly Yours. Do spread the word (you could tweet and share the link as much as you like) about the Giveaway among your friends and followers! 😀

Happy writing!

Tweet to me @iYatinGupta or Smita @UntrulyYours1 if you have any queries.

10 thoughts on “Result – Giveaway 1 – Untruly Yours by Smita Shetty

  1. His phone notified him of a new message. “Pixie Dust” was the default notification tone. Quite appropriate – his phone frequently came alive with messages from his new-found love interest. Suddenly, everything had a sprinkling of pixie dust.

    “Good morning, up and awake so early?” – said the chat. “A very good morning to you too. I’m usually awake earlier.” – he imagined her admiring early birds. Another lie. Another entry in the notebook of lies that he maintained in his mind.

    It was getting burdensome – this trying to be “her” perfect person. Someday, he hoped to come clean. Perhaps he could write her a letter about everything that he lied about. In his mind, he knew how to close that letter:
    “And these are everything I ain’t.
    Untruly yours,

  2. Laughter and happiness are all around, I am coming to this world in few months. Soon discussions, preparations, plans about my birth are new past times of my family.
    Its been few weeks, I hear a new voice of a distant aunt. Suddenly, the atmosphere outside has turned tense.
    Next morning, We have been taken to new place, wires all around me. Hours later, My mother is crying and shouting “No, No”, we have been pushed into a dark room and finally I have been separated from her. Mom, Untruly Yours unborn daughter has been flushed out, Please Don’t Cry.

  3. Meera wanted to push Sameer so far that he could never come closer. she hated his touch. she hated how much she had lost, in the race of getting her “ambition”. she hated her for being a selfish bitch.

    Raahil looked at his watch the third time; just 2 mins past the last time he had looked at it. He imagined his wife astonished by his Anniversary surprise. He regretted the time he had lost with her due to work.he wanted to hold her hand & love her.

    Meera cried with an ache for her husband-Raahil saying – untruly yours

  4. LOL was her answer, when John purposed her on her birthday party at her home. The saddened face which made everyone laugh was still looking at her mystique eyes. But she was busy with the 50K mobile phone that John gifted her last year, in her hand recording all of this. He didn’t care about what others were thinking, but was lost in his regretful memories.
    All of a sudden he came close to Jenna and said “Though you were never mine, but I’m always untruly yours”. Then he turn her around and kicked her into the swimming pool. And Said “G*** Mraa”.

  5. She still woke up with a smile, just that he was not there to brush fringes away and kiss her awake. She still found it hard to fall asleep; the crook of his arms was what she missed.
    She went out with friends, she flirted coyly at persistent suitors, she smiled, laughed aloud, drank till drunk but he will still the reason for her existence.
    He thought that she had moved on, after all time heals. What he failed to notice were those trembling corners of her smile, or the longing in her eyes. Untruly Yours

  6. It was a sullen morning. Raindrops dashed across the window, willing to drown your tears and share your pain. Shobhana was wide awake in her sleep; she could feel the clouds sing lullaby to her. In a distant dream she traveled to her present.

    The courtroom was buzzing with activity. Sentencing of an agent from India’s sworn enemy, the ISI, was in progress. Tears welled in her eyes as Shobhana looked at the face she loved. Trust – the word no longer existed in her lexicon.

    The liquid tasted bitter. Her innards burnt. It was penance. “Untruly Yours” were his last words too.

  7. His last words incessantly reverberated in her ears. “You have to move on. Without me.” The holy fire in the hawan-kund reminded her of his funeral pyre. Tears hid in shyness in the eyes of the young bride. She pinched her hand, just in case all of this was a nightmare and the one she loved was still alive. She was about to spend the rest of her life with the man beside her. The ceremony was almost complete. He winked at her and said “I am yours now”. She smiled feebly and said “And I am yours”. Untruly yours.

  8. Rahul, one of the founder members of the company was in love with with a comparatively new but competitive colleague Priya. Innocent looking Priya, a street smart girl knew all the hooks & crooks of corporate world. With powerful contacts she rose to powerful positions in short time. She now had access to almost every secret document about the company, got her manager fired. She also had a fling with the CEO, which costed him almost a million Rs and then with all the access she had, stole the companies secrets and data and vanished. Soon, Rahul got fired and received a mail from Priya, Untruly Yours.

  9. its been six long months .. life has changed but he hasn’t moved.. the one moment he was waiting for all these days is here .. She is standing in front of him. Her smile make him forgot all the pain he is going thru’, Seems only like yesterday he had left everything for her.. career.. family.. friends.. and she left him for her Project.. She needed support and he supported her blindly..
    Now she is back .. He was waiting for her to clear the formalities and run towards her from Custom Counter ..
    She is coming out .. her heart was pumping hard … Father .. No .. it cant be .. What she was doing with him ..
    “She is your mother” His father said .. Your Mother .. Untruly yours ..

  10. Congratulations Agnivo and Somya! Your copy will be making its way to you soon. Hope you enjoy the read!

    A big thank you to the other participants for your interest and contribution.

    Best wishes,

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