Result – Giveaway 9 – Beating The Blues – Seema Hingorrany

Thank you everyone for participating in this one! beating-the-blues-a-complete-guide-to-overcoming-depression-275x275-imaddts94haqvwhv

I’m glad that people are participating in the giveaways with all their heart and mind. The moderators of the giveaways are having a real tough time in selecting the winners and trust me with so many good responses, it is indeed tough. Thank god I didn’t take the task in my hand.

So, the winner for this one is

Gurnaam Singh

Congratulations Gurnaam and thanks for participating. Please send in your details at so that the book can be shipped to you.

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Before floating out the details of this one, let me thank Random House India for agreeing to sponsor this one!

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About The Book 

A comprehensive guide to keeping depression at bay beating-the-blues-a-complete-guide-to-overcoming-depression-275x275-imaddts94haqvwhv

Can’t sleep soundly?
Don’t feel like stepping out of the house?
Having suicidal thoughts?

You might be depressed and don’t know it yet. According to a WHO study, a mindboggling 35.9 percent of India suffers from Major Depressive Episodes (MDE). Yet depression remains a much evaded topic, quietly brushed under the carpet by most of us. In Beating the Blues, India’s leading clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, and trauma researcher Seema Hingorrany provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to treating depression, examining what the term really means, its signs, causes, and symptoms. The book will equip you with:

  • Easy-to-follow self-help strategies and result-oriented solutions
  • Ways of preventing a depression relapse
  • Everyday examples, statistics, and interesting case-studies
  • Workbooks designed for Seema’s clients

With clients ranging from celebrities and models to teenagers, married couples, and children, Seema decodes depression for you. Informative and user-friendly, with a foreword by Indu Shahani, the Sheriff of Mumbai, Beating the Blues is an invaluable guide for those who want to deal with depression but don’t know how.

What You Have To Do :

Answer this simple question :

When do you feel blue? And what do you do to get out of it?

Giveaway Rules : 

1. Please post your answer in the comments section. 

2. Answers should be as compact as possible.

3. Giveaway is restricted to India only.

4. Giveaway commences right now and ends on 20th December 2012 midnight.

5. Final decision about the giveaway lies with the moderator.

12 thoughts on “Result – Giveaway 9 – Beating The Blues – Seema Hingorrany

  1. I feel blue when an intended effort does not deliver the expected results or when I miss my mother’s comforting presence physically. To get out of the second case of blues, I call her up. To beat the other blues I put on some peppy music and dance my blues away reminding myself that tomorrow is another day.

  2. whenever i am alone with random thoughts … I feel blue
    What i do get myself back ?? Hit the Play Button .. sing with it …

    Caution : Never play Sad/ Senti songs .. it will deepen the feelings ..
    Suggestion : Pump up the Bhangra — Dhol Beats will beat the blues away

  3. whenever i see my mom’s tired face,
    whenever i need somebody’s help to tie the lace,
    whenever somebody is too far still too close,
    whenever i got thorn instead of rose,
    whenever i feel my dreams r getting blur,
    whenever i feel life is not as soft as fur,
    nobody had the clue,
    how these things made me feel blue.

    To beat the blue i simply choose white , it keeps me calm and combo of blue ink on white paper help me in getting rid of BLUE

  4. There’s never just one reason to feel blue. Some sad memories, depressing thoughts, disappointments or any mishap during any random day.
    Instead of trying to drive such thoughts away, I write them down in a diary or as a verse. And when I am praised for what I write and post on my blog, I feel happy about it. Writing always helps lifting my mood. Always. 🙂

  5. I’ll frame my answer based on my current situation. I sometimes feel blue because I am worried about my career which is not happening as I had planned it to be.
    So whenever I feel blue, I do not go around talking to someone about it because I understand that no one can have a better understanding of my situation and sympathy is the last thing I look forward to. A cheerful conversation works wonders and it really helps in shifting your focus to the brighter aspects in life. Other than this, playing with my puppy is a great stress buster and it always works.

  6. I feel blue when I feel lonely. I feel blue whenever I find something not happening as I expected it to, when I feel avoided or left alone.

    What I do: Eat tasty food, Buy something, Listen to Nusrat Sa’ab and a nice sleep. And I am Happy again. 🙂

  7. Deep thinking of my failures and disappointments make me feel blue. Then I start thinking what mistakes shouldn’t I make for the next time to achieve it. And a long ride with my thoughts do the thing of taking away the feeling.

  8. I feel blue when something I work hard on doesn’t go as expected. To be fair to myself, I sink into sadness only when I know I could have done something to improve the situation.

    Long walks with people who love me and support me do wonders 😀

  9. I feel blue over many things.Maybe a bad incident or sometimes someone hurts me or sometimes the toast is just ain’t brown enough and I ponder over where I am heading in life.But to get over it,all I do is put on my iPod, listen to the kickass tracks I love and come back to normal, because someone told me, that whatever a person may go through, he can always do normal, and so can I

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