Result – Giveaway 8 – Lost Libido and Other Gulp Fiction – Salil Desai

Before floating out the details for this one, let me thank FingerPrint Publishing once again for agreeing to sponsor this one and thanks to Salil Desai for agreeing to be the judge of this one!


About The Book : lost-libido-and-other-gulp-fiction-275x275-imadcmephch4eegq

An incredible collection of stories about people caught in the chaotic, cultural flux of urban India and their reactions to the problems, temptations and tricky choices that life throws at them.

Result :

The winner is

Varun K. Mehta

Author Image

Thank you Salil Desai for selecting the winning entry!


9 thoughts on “Result – Giveaway 8 – Lost Libido and Other Gulp Fiction – Salil Desai

  1. Gulp Fiction ~ I think it means what the name suggests, fiction that will leave you gulping. Gulping for more, gulping out of breathlessness as the plot is too gripping/racy, and gulping for breathe!!

  2. Gulp Fiction:

    Stories that titillate your imagination, allow you to let your creative juices flow. Plot that will keep you hooked and gulp up every word in the book to make for a worthwhile experience. These are short stories that you can devour and savour to your heart’s delight.

  3. With a Title like Lost Libido it is so easy to define Gulp fiction. You feel lot going inside but about things you would rather keep to your self – feelings associated with fear, guilt, curiosity, lust, carnal desires, violence too – all of that and more.

  4. Gulp : To swallow greedily or rapidly in large amounts.
    Fiction : Invention or fabrication as opposed to fact.
    SO probably the stories that make you run to end .. they grip you so hard that all you want is to know WHAT’S NEXT ??

  5. I think Gulp Fiction can have multiple meanings. One of them could be ‘a short story’. As in, a fiction that can be read in a short time or, in other words, can be ‘gulped’. Secondly, it could also mean a story that enchants its reader, with its mysteries and/or vexation, or that stimulates the empathy/fear/concern of the reader, to an extent that he’s bound to turn the pages to satiate his curiosity. In other words, a page-turner.

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