Result – Giveaway 6 : The Edge Of The Machete – Abhisar Sharma

First of all, THANK YOU everyone who participated and spread a word about the giveaway. images

I didn’t expect I would get such a good response in a single day. Almost 40 people participated and till this morning I was getting responses but sorry to all those people as the deadline of this giveaway was last night.

So, Let’s discuss the answers first. You had to tell me the names of the countries of the flags that were featured.

1. Afghanistan

2. Botswana

3. Brazil

4. France 

5. Venezuela

Now among all the correct entries I have selected two people who would be given the author signed copies of the book The Edge Of Machete by Abhisar Sharma. The author was kind enough to sponsor this giveaway.

The winners are

Varun Kumar & Sushrut Ghodkhande 

Congratulations both of you and please send me your Address and Contact details on

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