Result – Giveaway – 55, A Novel by Chetan Chhatwal

Result :

Author Chetan Chhatwal had a tough time in selecting the winners out of all the entries. Though not too many people participated in this one but those who did I am highly thankful to you guys. The winners are

1. Bhupesh Gahrotra
2. Bhuvenesh Pokharia
3. Ashwin Sharma

Congratulations guys! Please send in your details at so that I can get you a copy of 55 shipped to you. 🙂

Also, special mention to Ravi Keshri, we loved your “Be Yourself” attitude and there is something coming your way too. I request you to send in your details to me on my mail.

I would like to thank Chetan Chhatwal for sparing time for selecting the final winners and the ever generous Random House India for sponsoring this giveaway!

About The Book : 

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A witty and delightful coming-of-age story about college life

‘Tried to picture myself in a shady second-rate college and realized that even thinking about it was difficult.’

Arjun Singh is a typical South Delhi brat whose biggest worry is securing a much-coveted seat in one of the city’s top colleges. But his ambitious plans come to a screeching halt when he scores a paltry ‘55’ in English in the board exams. Unable to meet the cut-off, Arjun is forced to take admission in a neighbouring second-grade college. Between grappling with his identity as a Sikh and facing repeated misfortunes in love, Arjun’s only solace is his three best friends from school who have also ended up in the same dump. What will happen to his future now? Witty, naughty, and plain irreverent, 55 is a delightful, mad caper about growing up and surviving three tumultuous years in the hallowed corridors of Delhi University.

8 thoughts on “Result – Giveaway – 55, A Novel by Chetan Chhatwal

  1. I am sure, each and everyone will have plenty of madcap instances from their college life and I too have a lot. But this one is still fresh in my memory and takes the cake.

    We were not allowed to enter college hostel (inside campus) after alcohol consumption or after 11 PM. But, as they say; engineering college students try to break as many rules as possible; we had a binge drinking session in a nearby bar and entered hostel exactly 10:59 PM. Breezed pass through security guards with arrogance of a third year Engineering student. Pupils of another gang (like all colleges have different gangs), put this word to our warden that our gang is drunk and entering campus.

    Our hostel warden called out all of us from his first floor room window. We saw him and hid behind nearby construction site. One of the most drunk and over-confident guy in our group (we fondly call him motu – till date!) didn’t listen warden’s voice and (couldn’t) hide. Warden saw him and came running down from first floor. This guy saw him and realized that he is doomed! He started running towards hostel. Next 15 minutes was all fun. This motu guy running in corridors from floor to floor and warden running behind him like a Tom-Jerry chase calling his name and asking him to stop, throwing whatever he could get his hand at; towards him.

    This enabled all of others to quietly sneak in our rooms and lay on bed. After 15 minutes of chase, a tired Motu came crashing to my room and I allowed him to hide under my bed. Warden came, switched on lights and left after found nothing suspicious.

    After about 30 minutes or so; when everything looked calm; we sneaked him to another room and kept him away from all limelight for next week, stood united that he was not in hostel for that night and then soon all was forgotten.

    Whenever our college gang meet and talk about that night; we can’t stop laughing over this incidence.

  2. Hello Readers My Name is Bhuvenesh Pokharia.
    I m persuing my Engg. from Bhopal nd presently i m in
    8th sem.
    This Incidence occured when i was in 7th sem(not long back)
    The Campus Drives had just Started.
    and there is a boy in our Branch Prakash/Sannata(yaeh dats what we call him)
    He is always so anxious about everything and a bit too jealous cum Competitive type chap
    (“iske mjh se jyada no. kaise aaye/isko mjh se jyada Package kyu offer hua” type guy)
    I guess now u understand how he is.
    So once there was a news dat a Core Company is about to come for Placements.
    (Core here means belonging to our Electrical Branch nd not an IT Company)
    So he was just going on asking the same question to everyone
    -“Is a Core Company coming?”
    -“Is a Core Company coming?”
    -“Is a Core Company coming?”
    and then he went to Canteen during Lunch.
    We (my friend’s and me ofcourse) made a fake notice on a A4 size paper and pinned it on our Departmental Notice Board.
    I saw him coming from Canteen and I shouted-“Prakash!Prakash!”
    “Hey man u were right.A Core Company is coming yaar.”
    He hurried towards the Notice Board where my all group was already standing.
    He looked Baffled.
    “But no date and time is given?”.
    He straight went to Training and PlaceMent Office and Brought the Officer with him.
    He reached the Notice Board but to his Surprise the Notice was not there and none of us were standing there.
    He then shouted “Bhuvenesh! Where’s the Notice Board?”
    I made Innocent faces nd quipped-“The Notice Board is at its place yaar. can’t u see?”
    “I mean the Notice”-he said.
    “Which Notice?”- i answered Innocently.
    By that time our Placement Officer was out of Temper and walked out beetroot red and Prakash followed him.
    Prakash returned (he looked as if he had a hard lecture from the Placement officer) and was walking towards us but he stumbled next to the Notice Board.
    “Hey But The Notice is Here.”
    “i wasn’t Bluffing”.

    (Actually we had pinned down the Notice when he went to call the T&P Officer which was again pinned to the Notice Board while he was busy apologising the T&P Officer in his Cabin)

    Dear Readers,
    Every Horror Movie has a scene, where the Protagonist(usually A Girl) is alone, she sees a Ghost and runs to call someone from the next room & when she returns to the same room with someone, the Ghost DisAppears.
    Notice was our Ghost.
    Poor Prakash was the Protagonist(not girl though)
    But for u all, it was a “Rendezvous With Fun” rather than “Rendezvous With Horror” i guess.

  3. I am sure we’ve all had several crazy moments in college. I, too had many. College was fun in the truest sense of the word. I remember that it was during the monsoon season, we had our early morning lecture and there was no sign of our professor. I reached college and looked for my friends. Three of them who always reached eurly were in the back field. In a few minutes, it started raining heavily. After keeping our bags and our phones at a safe place, we ran in the fields and threw our umbrellas away. We jumped, danced, laughed,played with the rains being the only witness of our day out in the field. We laughed like maniacs. It was almost as if we were high on life. The rain drops kept falling on us and we kept losing our sanity with every passing minute. The rain showed no signs of stopping and we showed no signs of getting up. Few hours later as we shivered in cold, we ran to the metro station drenched completely. From the metro station guards to our classmates who were reaching college, the reaction was worth seeing, from shock to surprise to plain not knowing how to react. A classmate said ‘Are you guys mad’. I guess we were and maybe, we still are, to an ectent. Probably that madness made us different and probably, we all require a little bit of madness to be who we really are. That morning was something else. The memory of ‘the day it rained’ is deep seated and permanently etched in my soul.

  4. Although it’s sad I don’t really have a hilarious madcap story cause we were a group of four friends who used to have fun “officially” … The principal of our college was our friend(ACTUALLY) and we used to get all the work for organizing the events. The whole college was asked and given instructions on how nobody is supposed to sit outside on stairs during the lecture hours. And we were sitting outside discussing things when principal of other block came and shouted at us taking us to our principal. We went in the room both the principals had a talk n he left. The second the other principal left. We all burst out laughing including the principal and then he said “koi baat nahi karo tum Jo karna hai”

    I have fond memories of college time. So that’s my story.Not funny but just fun times that i remember. 🙂 Cares

  5. “Most madcap moment” I am not sure about it but yes, I remember this little incident while I was in first semester and our Maths teacher made a test null and void as she knew the entire class had copied. She went from one bench to another asking the students what they had copied in the test. Everyone said “jacobian”. When she came near me, she asked “What is your name?” and I said “Jacobian”! The whole class went on laughing their ass off and she rusticated me for 2 weeks and when I came back after my “2 weeks vacation” I got to know that she left the college. I really miss her. 😉
    I know it’s not a hilarious moment but still My Another Name – Jacobian, My First Rustication, and a hot maths teacher reminds me every-time.

  6. “NIIT me padhaai ki hai maine.. hamare faculty hua karte the Narendra Pankaj. Batch me hum paanch logon ka group hota tha Nishat, Anamika, Sachin, Mukesh aur main. Main ye nahi keh raha ki main padhne me bahut tej tha lekin jab aapke dost aise ho jo aapko ghashit ghashit ke padhne ke liye majboor kar dein to aap padhoge hi  .
    Wo hamare 3rd semester ke exam ke din ki baat hai, online exams hote the to lab machine room me saare baithe the, hamara group bhi ek sath hi baithe tha, wo kya hai faculty bihar ke the to understanding achhi thi.. tabhi humein ye pata chala ki humare sath dusre batch ka bhi exam hona hai aur ek batch ke do student sath nahi baithenge..hum thore udas huye, main jyada udaas tha kyunki meri taiyaari utni achhi nahi thi ki paas hone ki surety mil jaaye, aur bagal me baithne wale 2nd semester ke the unse help ki ummid to ki nahi jaa sakti thi…
    Ab humein kisi bhi tarah sath baithna tha ya group ke kisi ko mere sath baithkar meri help karni thi. Tabhi hamare dimaag me idea aaya, aur maine apne ek senior ko bulaya unse bola ki bas Faculty ko busy rakhe, pehle to usne mana kar diya phir humare group ki ladki ne jab usse kaha “Sir, thodi help kar do please..” wo banda mana nahi kar saka.
    Jaise hi paper suru huye to mera kaam tha jitney question aa rahe ho utne kar lu, maine ½ hour me aane wale saare question kar liye uske baad mera dost sachin aur maine apni sheet badal li, usne aake baad ke saare question solve kar diya, uske baad hum apni sheet par aa gaye.. paper achha gaya lekin rahat ki saans tab aayi jab class room se bahar aa gaye..

    Aaj jab bhi yaad aati hai wo baat to aascharya hota hai ki humne aisa kar kaise diya tha.. kaash phir se wo din laut aate, phir se hum usi corridor me pahuch jate, phir se class bunk karke canteen me gappe maarte.. kaash…. “

  7. In the final year of my engg college, rarely we used to attend classes and whenever we did, being real engineers, we occupied the last rows.

    That day I was sitting with a friend who had his shoes removed and wearing socks stinking enough to kill a pig on the spot. I requested him to take the socks off for the sake of humanity and he did and kept them in his shoes. With him not looking I kicked his shoes to the next seat and which were further kicked till they reached at the footsteps of a professor. After the lecture he went to get back his shoes and threw his shoe towards me and we were in a shoe war.

    When I threw back his shoe but he got out of the way and just behind him out of nowhere was my HOD. The shoe hit him on his chest. That was like the end of my engineering for me.
    I was shit scared. The HOD came running towards me with a shoe in his hand. And I don’t know why but I just ran out of class. And he was after me. I was chased by my HOD throughout the building and we became the laughing stock of entire college. It has to be the most madcap moment of my college life. Luckily I wasn’t rusticated or suspended. But it’s a sweet memory now, when I remember, it brings a smile on my face.

  8. Madcap, well that rings a bell… actually a whole lot of bells!
    When I was in second year, there was a teacher who I really hated. So did many others, but none of us had guts to go to him and tell him how bad he was at teaching.
    So one day we decided to flood his office with anonymous letters telling him to improve his teaching skills.
    Everyone in our gang had to write one letter and slip it inside his room while he was out… All of us did it by lunch except for one, unfortunately the only intelligent guy who scored well in his exams.
    The teacher came in and saw all the letters and got furious. He asked his assistant to keep a check if someone did that again. The left out guy, came in late and seeing the door locked, he went there to slip the letter but got caught by the assistant.
    The teacher scolded him and threatened to take him to the dean where he might even have gotten suspended. Knowing that, my conscious awakened and I went to the dean’s office to admit that I was behind the plan and not him.
    The teacher was standing there with my friend and the dean was scolding him. He asked me why did I come there. Before I could answer he turned to my friend and said “You won’t be suspended… but I’ll make sure you’re embarrassed in front of all your friends. You’ll be doing the assignments of all your batch in this subject and will not be allowed in the project lab”
    I just remembered that he was the only guy except me in the group of 4 in project lab.
    The evil won over my conscious, and when the dean turned back to me, I just said i needed permission for leave and went out.
    The friend kept looking helplessly to me. (Also with an ‘i am gonna kill you’ look)

    To make the matters worse for the teacher, as soon as my friend’s punishment ended, while he was with the teacher himself, we slipped fifty more letters in his room to tell him it wasn’t over!

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