Result – Giveaway 4 – You Never Know When You’ll Get Lucky – Priya Narendra

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About The Book

You-Never-Know-When-Youll-Get-LuckyWhen Kajal, a sassy never-afraid-to-make-an-idiot-of-herself-in-public copywriter, finally decides to put her love-life on holdand focus on that long-overdue promotion, fate mysteriously throws her way a stream of eligible bachelors: from Mr Could-Be-Right who lives in another city, to a reputed lech of a neighbor who becomes her knight in shining armour, from a hunky researcher intent on proposing, to a childhood-nemesis-turned-amorous-pursuer.

Add to the mess a client who is a pain in the ass, a crucial ad campaign for a brand of condoms, disapproving middle-class parents and, to top it all, the most romantic rainstorm of the decade and Kajal seems to be no longer in control of anything!

But luck has its own sweet way of dealing with troubles. After all, you never know when you’ll get lucky!

Result :

Priya N

The winner is

Agnivo Niyogi

Thanks to Author Priya Narendra for choosing the winner amongst all the entries for thecontest.


7 thoughts on “Result – Giveaway 4 – You Never Know When You’ll Get Lucky – Priya Narendra

  1. Have i ever got lucky…..
    By luck if you mean,finding some money in old wallet just when i needed,yes i have been lucky.
    Having a mother and also being loved from 3 other women who treat me as their own child,yes i have been lucky.
    More than anything else i have been lucky to have this beautiful gift called ‘Life’. So, yeah i have been Lucky.

  2. Have I ever got lucky!
    Work in some office-workload-left late-Reached station-Boarded train just at the nick of hour, hoppin in last coach, as that was the most your running potential could make to. This is Luck, I face almost once a week each day.

    And also Yeah, regarding train, someday when got too late in office, and Train got even more delayed, Aah, sheer luck, ain’t it. Happened just twice though!

    Luck, well yeah in my first entrance exam, [CA-CPT] I was all prepared to perform my worst, Had no clue of anything! The question paper being objective, Answer sheet being an OMR sheet, I just enjoyed by adornin the OMR sheet by random beautiful pattern of dark circles! And Eureka, I passed. True Story!

    Well, other being, never caught smoking. Never caught travelling w/o ticket[tho travelled just thrice]. Getting last row of housefull Ghazni first day first show.

    Apart from all aforesaid, Real lucky in life I’m. Though expressing them here would tantamount to sympathy earning strory, I would skip it. People real close to me, know it. 🙂

  3. “Have you ever got lucky? Share your story!”

    Luck and me dont go hand in hand. Murphy is my favorite bitch. But having said that Luck does favour you once in a while and that is when you truly appreciate it!

    Diwali was round the corner and keeping up with my Diwali tradition of the past few years I had planned a trip to Mumbai to meet my bestie. I had the train tickets booked two months earlier. Even then the ticket was on WL3. Needless to say i was a bunch of nerves. The weekend was stressful because i had never before traveled with an unconfirmed ticket and thinking of buying a flight ticket was unthinkable due to the exorbitant pricing.

    The day to travel dawned and i came to work with a heavy heart. I decided to check if any tatkal tickets were available, knowing well that traveling on that day and getting a ticket was next to impossible. But voila, not only was there was just 1 available ticket but I managed to book that ticket at one go without any glitches. Knowing what a nightmare IRCTC is, you sure have to have Lady Luck smiling if you plan travel anywhere.

    This may not be a great luck story but then when you are looking forward to something you really want and all odds are against you, a lil luck is what is needed to achieve the end you set out. Thanks to that ticket I got to meet my bestie and I managed to spend an amazing Diwali week in the city of my dreams…

  4. After the results for my tenth standard exams were out, the procedure for further admissions begin.I did score 90% marks but still the cutoff was very high for me to enter the top colleges.
    Tried hard, here and there to get a management seat to the top colleges ( Even arranged the civil aviation ministers letter for me and that I’m well known to him and desirous of getting admission to the college). So desperate i was to get into that college, but maybe fate had something else written in it’s for me, i ended up in a college that was ranked 10th in the city. Angry, pissed and frustated after some days at the college i met a guy named Ved, later on he became my best friend, also I met the love of my life through him. So i think that is how i got lucky earning a friend and also the love of my life.

  5. I wasn’t happy at my Job as an QA Manager .. Package was good but i wasn’t learning anything except how to use better vocab to play around with PPTs.. Was looking for a change and my ex boss calls me for some reference and i ask him to consider me. He said yes. and in Next 2 days I got Offer from my last organization and I put my papers with last date as 22nd.
    On 18th I ask for My HR to start formalities to release me only to find out that they haven’t received my Resignation. My Boss ask me to work till 4th, as he thought I have choose to stay back thus throw away the letter.
    On 4th when i was collecting documents from HR, Got call from India’s Leading Automobile Industry for primarily telephonic interview, which i cleared and on joining period I told them 4 days.
    Next day they planned for VC at 9:00AM, I reached their office at CP at 11 due to Traffic and rain, and the interviewer reached at 11:30 AM due to same reason but at Mumbai.
    VC was over and i was selected, but Letter can be released only after medical confirmation, which can not be done on Saturday and Monday was the day i have to join (already joining date extended twice).
    I choose to visit the Medical center in evening to request them for test on Saturday and to my surprise, my uncle, Chemist by profession, was there to meet his friend who in turn was medical officer.
    Test Conducted and reports were shared over the mail. I got SMS “Welcome to Company” at 7PM on Sunday. I choose not to board the Train that was scheduled at 9 PM, instead took flight to Lucknow after 3 days.

  6. I guess LUCK is a word misunderstood and thus misused .
    Sometimes its a coincidence , sometimes hard work .
    But what matters in the end is if you are successful , you start calling yourself lucky . And if we are not we blame it on destiny .
    Because I am spiritual .. I consider myself lucky all the times … I am in that Thankful Stage of my life .
    So it goes like this for me …
    thank God , you have given me two eyes … I am so lucky.
    Thank God I have a house to stay … I am so lucky and my story goes on ……..

    Being lucky for me is a state of mind 🙂

  7. I do not know if this is about “getting lucky”. It was plain coincidence and it changed the course of my life. I guess, indeed i “got lucky” with my career.

    It was my Fourth Semester of M.Sc. in Biochemistry. The month was February. I was logged on to a gay dating site, trying my luck at finding “my dream man”. My inbox buzzed, with alacrity i opened the message – a look at the headline prompted me to sigh, it was an advert. Something inside me urged me to read on. It was a link to an online magazine for gays, published from Kolkata. Gaylaxy was the name…….

    Was it coincidence? Just the other day, i had written an article on homosexuality, and intended to publish it on my blog. And the sender of this message had added a “P.S.” regarding need for writers. I replied showing interest. Soon came the reply. Sukhdeep asked me to send an article for a guest column. Within a day after i sent it, he asked me to become a full time writer for Gaylaxy.

    An apparently small event. But this marked a beginning of my yearning to become a full time writer. Not that i did not have the scientific acumen, or found it distasteful, but i never felt pursuing science exhilarating. Science was mundane and kept pushing me to an abyss, i never knew when i had resigned myself to pursuing Biochemistry for the sake of it.

    Sukhdeep breathed in a new momentum to the dying spirit (my friends from MSc and BSc days might recollect my “misadventures” of the 3rd Semester). Not only did we have a professional relationship, but a camaraderie developed offline which blossomed into just more than simple friendship……….

    The three Magi from the east were guided to Jesus Christ by the Star. Each one of us are like the Magi, in pursuit of our own destinies; following, knowingly or unknowingly, our Guiding Star. No matter how many sandstorms we encounter in the desert of life, the star will keep showing us the way.

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