Result – Giveaway 3 – Who Do You Think You’re Kidding? – Lina Ashar

Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated. The moderator had a real tough time in selecting the final winner. She went through all the answers and seeing the fact we required a very compact answer, the winner is


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Also, a huge thanks to Random House India for agreeing to the idea and sponsoring this one! 

Before I float out the what you have to do to win this one, let me thank the ever generous Random House India for agreeing to sponsor a series of Christmas Giveaways that I am organising this whole December.

About The Book 

The twenty-first century is a tough place for a child. The competition is razor-edged, the temptations myriad. Gone are thedays when children played catch in the neighbourhood, ate what they were given, and went to bed by 9. Now it’s all about staying ahead of the game, being in the know, having the latest gizmos. How does one then raise a happy and well-rounded child amid the pressures of this new age?In Who Do You Think You’re Kidding? acclaimed educationist Lina Ashar shows you how to:• prepare your child for a competitive new world by choosing what they want to study• shift focus from book-based studying to creative higher education• deal with adolescence• discover your child’s true potential.Based on her experiences and research, as a parent and teacher, this book will equip Indian parents with the right tools to guide their children on the right path.

What You Have To Do

All you have to do is, answer this following question.

What Is The Most Important Value That You Think Kids Must Be Educated About In The 21st Century?

Giveaway Terms & Conditions 

1. Please post your answer in the comments section.

2. Answers should be as compact as possible.

3. Giveaway is restricted to India only.

4. Giveaway commences right now and ends on 15th December 2012 midnight.

Simple enough, eh? So what are you waiting for? Share what you think of the above question and you can win yourself a copy of Lina Ashar’s book! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Result – Giveaway 3 – Who Do You Think You’re Kidding? – Lina Ashar

  1. Honesty. In this fast pace, fiercely competitive and corrupt world out there; if children keep themselves honest, dedicated & true to the task they are performing; there is no second thoughts that they will not excel. Dishonesty and lies might give a momentary boost, but honesty and truth will succeed in the end, no matter what.

  2. I feel kids should be educated about things they should not do. Kids are ever learning and do what they pick up from their peers, friends, family or neighbours. This necessarily does not mean that they will pick up good habits. At a young age, they might pick up violence or using foul language which needs to be controlled. Hence parents and tutors should educate kids about thins which are not to be done. If we stop them now, there wouldn’t be any need to repent.

  3. Learn to balance their timeline too between real games and virtual games and indulge in physical activities and games instead of just video games and HD games on smartphones.

  4. One thing I’ve noticed about most kids these days is they have better cellphones, gizmos than us, even if they don’t need them. So, they should be taught the value of money and it’s not to be wasted. Also compassion and respect for elders is a must. And work hard towards your goal not necessarily studies but anything they desire to be.

  5. Well I am not a mother, but i have raised my niece. Ass elders we do our utmost to inculcate a good value system to our kids, like being honest, truthful, sense of right and wrong. However the most important value that must be taught is integrity in what we do. Integrity in way we handle situations, no matter how right or wrong it may be, in the way we handle our relationships, in the way we conduct ourselves.

    like Oprah Winfrey says “Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.”

    If your integrity is in place everything else will be sorted.

  6. I think children should learn persistence.

    It helps them develop a never give up attitude and keeps them constantly working toward what they want to achieve in their life. Often, at times they don’t achieve their goals right away but they should be encouraged to do their best and told that we are proud of them.

    At times, they will also get discouraged as things won’t go the way they want. If they learn persistence when they are young, they will grow to work hard and learn to put forth their best in everything.

  7. Affection – Love should not just be felt, it also needs to be expressed to be fully enjoyed and realized.
    Value Themselves – People who learn to value themselves are more likely to have self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. As a result, they are more likely to become adults who respect their values and stick to them… even when no one else is
    Determination – Life is full of challenges. Helping children learn that not all problems will be solved quickly and easily is important. It will set them up to accomplish great things and keep dreaming and striving when others around them have already given up.

  8. Being the oldest child among 6 siblings, I have reached the conclusion that more than anything, children need to be treated like children.

    It’s sad to see more and more Barbie dolls and story books being replaced by ipads and tabs. No more playing in parks or enjoying a lively conversation with their friends.

    No doubt, there are a million good virtues we’d like to see in children, I believe that if we allow them to be carefree and happy, things will fall into place 😀

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