Result – Giveaway 2 – Asura – Anand Neelakantan

Thanks everyone for participating in the giveaway! The winner is going to get the author signed copy of the book. But beforeasura-tale-of-the-vanquished-275x275-imad8fcfjugrgcny announcing the winner, let me discuss the answers with you all here. But before that, I must tell you something,

Whenever you are participating in the quiz, please read the questions and instructions carefully. Why I am saying this, you would find it now! 😉

Let’s discuss the answers first !

Question 1. What was the name of Ravana’s sister who was killed by Rama & Lakshmana?

Answer : None. ( There was no sister of Ravana who was killed by Rama & Lakshmana, for all those who have answered Soorpanakha, her nose was cut off by the brothers but she wasn’t killed)

This was a trick question and I had intentionally framed it liked this, I knew most of the people would fall for it and they did! Sorry about that guys but I was in a mood to play a bit! 😉 

Question 2. Which musical instrument did Ravana mastered playing?

Answer : Veena

Question 3. Who was the father of Ravana ?

Answer : Visharva

Question 4. Ravana was the devotee of ?

Answer : Lord Shiva

Question 5. What was the name of Ravana’s wife ?

Answer : Mandodri 

I have chosen a random person using Rafflecopter as a winner amongst those who have answered everything correctly.

And The Winner Is

Bhupesh Gahrotra

Congratulations Bhupesh! You win yourself an author signed copy of the book. Please e-mail your Name, Address and Contact Number on

And thanks everyone for participating. A lot of books are up for grabs. Keep checking! 🙂

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