Gifted – Sudha Menon & V.R. Ferose

gifted-400x400-imadxw4ztdajsswpReading a Sudha Menon book is always a delight. All her books with their subjects carefully chosen and weaved with extreme intricacy radiate warmth. Gifted is a book that brings in light on some of the most inspiring stories of people with disabilities that I have read in recent times. The book has been co-authored by V.R. Ferose. The collaborative effort of two individuals who are compassionate and deeply sensitive to the world in which we live reached out to me from the word go and some instances in the book definitely gave me an inspiration at the time when nothing else seemed to work.

Our society has always treated differently abled people with sympathy or apathy. I recently watched Naseeruddin Shah’s Sparsh in which he plays a blind man running a school for the blind telling Shabana Azmi to never call any student a “bechara”.¬†Shah’s quote on the book ¬†makes perfect sense for the book because all the 15 people who’ve been featured in the book have had their own share of problems but in the end they came out victorious and how. The book is a celebration of their achievements and their stories have been written in a way that has rarely been seen.

Every person featured in the book has candidly opened up to the authors and the sense of honesty with which they have been written in this book is heart-warming to say the least. The indomitable spirit that can defy all the odds, the book celebrates human spirit and pays a tribute to the strength to the hopes, dreams and aspirations of differently abled people.

Gifted is a book that must be read by every individual to understand a simple fact, life is what you make it. Nothing can really stop you if you’re determined and it is your attitude towards things raises you above yourselves.

dBook Source : Publisher
Publisher : Random House India
Genre : Non-fiction
Price : Rs. 299/-

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