Gateway : Pioche – Jeff Dawson

Before I start writing about this book, I must apologise to Jeff Dawson, the17289304 author for such a massive delay in writing this review. I had read this book long back but somehow this review was stuck somewhere at the back of my mind. Jeff was kind enough to send an author-signed copy of the book all the way from U.S.

Gateway : Pioche is a perfect amalgamation of science fiction and thriller. It is a well crafted book that a read might feel a difficult to dive into but once you get the gist of the story, you are totally into it and will not feel like putting the book down. What I personally liked about the book is the balance that Jeff has maintained throughout the story. Nothing looks over the top and although it is a fictional story but you don’t feel like you are reading one.  Also, must appreciate the dry humour and wit which has been intertwined in a racy narrative perfectly.

The story is about four college graduates, Muki, Larry, Judith and Abdbul who in their 20s who have just graduated. As the people of this age constantly look to do something adventurous and out of the box, the four of them try their hands at gambling and that is when the roller coaster ride begins for them. Making money is not easy and when its gambling a lot is at stake. All four of them get stuck while trying to make some easy bucks with mob altercations. Trying to save themselves, they end up at an abandoned government bunker and that is where they discover about a top secret project. Time-travel, trying to fix things in the past and a lot more, gateway : pioche is a book that will keep you on your toes.

Coming to the writing part of the book, Jeff Dawson has done a neat job. He knows what he is writing about and never goes over the top. The science fiction part of the story is good enough to believe in it and the entire plot and story looks logical. Everything makes sense and there are no loose ends in the story.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : LDDJ Publishing
Genre : Fiction/Sci-fi

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