Fraudster – RV Raman

fraudster-400x400-imadxd8hvhv9hz2jCorporate thrillers are fun to read. In Indian writing space, Ravi Subramanian rules the genre and Upendra Namburi is making his way into this space. I received Fraudster by R.V Raman 3 weeks back for review by Hachette India and I thought, here is another one trying his hands on this genre let’s give it a shot and trust me you guys, I was thoroughly impressed with it. Now, I would like to believe that people who’ve spent a better part of their lives (Close to three decades in Raman’s case) in the corporate world knows it inside out and can churn out some amazing stuff to write some heady corporate thrillers.

A young corporate is found dead and then a corporate honcho living in South Bombay dies after falling from his flat and the servers of an accounting firm get hacked, too much of a co-incidence at a given point of times gives rise to doubts that someone is trying to cover up something major and there lies the genesis of the plot of Fraudster. The plot is quite straight but it is laced with some convoluted instances that will definitely leave a reader confused who keeps guessing who is the brain behind all this.

The best about Fraudster is, RV Raman knows what he is writing about. He knows when to use what and how to play with it to strengthen the characters and the plot of his book. He has tried to simplify everything for a reader who is not from the banking world. My only advice to RV Raman at this point would be to create his own niche for the readers in the corporate thrillers genre.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Hachette India
Genre : Fiction, Thriller
Price : Rs. 250/-

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