Facing the Facebook

Part – II of my previous post : It all started with an invite
My Facebook Profile

A friend told me about this website named as facebook and told me that its way better than Orkut. Everytime I used to ignore it but one day I opened up this Facebook thingy, made an account and still I’m hooked to it. Facebook had opened an all new approach towards social networking, its sophisticated look, way better applications and most importantly the people there were far more better than cheapos of Orkut.

Less spams, more information, and the way of putting things in front of users was much better than Orkut. I really liked the idea of Fan Pages and applications here and the whole new FBML(Facebook Mark Up Language) thing way beyond my expectations. Facebook was actually giving a chance to its users to develop their own things on it. That was a very smart move indeed.

Then, slowly I got hang of the games that were available there. And Zynga games became my favorite. Mafia Wars and Farmville were played almost daily and for hours. But I gave up on Farmville as it was too time consuming and was no more a fun activity. But I’m still on with Mafia Wars but not playing it with dedication these days.

 Due to facebook, I got a lot many friends, acquaintances and more importantly the way I interacted with people out there was much more fun unlike Orkut.

Then after facebook another social networking website which came into my life was ………..


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