Error, Code, Love – Suman Bhattacharya

error-code-love-400x400-imadqzbmdp2t2whzI have a problem with people who complicate things unnecessarily and this is the reason I just couldn’t understand any of the characters of Error, Code, Love, debut book of Suman Bhattacharya. Though, I must say that the story is pacy but towards the end everything just gets tangled in such a bizarre way that I didn’t know how to react to the book.

Coming to the story, the protagonist Dev gets a new job in Bangalore and tries to settle in the new city and at the same time tries very hard to ignore his past. He chooses to stay with his best friend from college, Rishi. He is a pretty sorted guy and has always been around with Dev during thick and thin. Dev falls in love with Neera at the first sight. She is college trustee’s daughter, beautiful and exceptionally dumb (Yes, that’s how she came across the story to me).

Neera & Dev shared a comforting friendship during college times which got hit by tremors time and again. Neera & Neel (another boy from the same college, who is extremely possessive about Neera) are in a relationship. Dev couldn’t digest it when he sees closeness both Neera & Neel share. Here comes Isha. Dev, just to distract himself from Neera and her thoughts ¬†gets into a relationship with Isha. And towards the end of the final year of their college lives, something happens which shatters everything around Dev in a single jolt.

I had a couple of problems with the book. One, I just couldn’t understand where the author is trying to take the story. Two, characters doesn’t stand out in the story. Dev, the protagonist of the book is someone who has got various shades but it doesn’t stand out in the story. Three, the subplots, I feel they could have been clearly intertwined in the main story.

The good things about the book are, it grips you from the word go. You laugh at times and at times you feel like kicking a few characters. The author has done a fine job. This book is something that you can read in 3-4 hours whenever you feel like. Could be given a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 150/-e

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