End Of Story – Arjun Shekhar

imagesThis was the first time I was reading something by Arjun Shekhar. Though I am not completely satisfied with the book but at the same time I would say, its a decent read for someone who is a sucker for quick reads.

The book is about a news anchor, Shukrat, who is out of a job. The story begins with him telling about his boss’s death and several other things which includes his daughter’s disappearance too. The narrative of the story touches various domains such as media, advertising, Shukrat’s family, his boss and a lot of other things. The narration swiftly moves from one domain to another and at times I got confused about the author’s intentions and what he was trying to do with the story but towards the end, it all came together and the title of the book was very well justified.

The nature of the story is gripping and is darkly humorous. There would be times when you will smirk like a villain does, while reading it. At times, you will appreciate the author for his intelligence and at times you will be like, okay, enough! let’s skip a few pages but as you dive deeper into the story, you won’t do it and will keep turning pages one after the other. I wasn’t really keen on picking up this book but its cover and title were extremely intriguing and I thought of giving it a shot. Despite putting the book down several times while reading it, I managed to finish it and was moderately satisfied with what I had read.┬áThe writing style is simple and this book can be read by anyone and everyone, which is a good thing. If you are looking for a quick weekend read, End Of Story by Arjun Shekhar is worth giving a shot.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Hachette India
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 350/-

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