Diary Of A Reluctant Feminist – Bhavna Bhavna

the-diary-of-a-reluctant-feminist-400x400-imadqgkdtpzdywzcThe review request came in for this book and the title looked intriguing. I checked its blurb on my phone and made up my mind to give it a shot. I mostly read this book while I was commuting to work. Though I didn’t like it much with the way it began and the dislike stayed intact till I was halfway through this book. I thought it was more of an endless rant of a person who is just too upset with the world and everyone around her.

But then, I looked at the title of the book and then realised, I am reading someone’s diary and if the writer is ranting or sharing something here, it is supposed to be like that. You pour your heart out in your diary. That’s how its meant to be and that is when it all made sense to me.

The author/writer had to remain anonymous unwillingly because her conservative family thinks that it is a bad thing to talk so openly about divorce and sex. She has already troubled her family a lot in the past and now because of her divorce and don’t want to trouble them any further by bringing bad name to the family because of her book. The entire narrative of the book revolves around her divorce.

This is a diary of a 31 year old woman, a mother of two kids, who moved out of her marriage after spending twelve years with a stranger – that’s how she portrays her relationship with her ex-husband.

Coming from an illustrious punjabi joint family living in Delhi, Bhavna’s father were seven brothers and all of them lived in the same house. Privacy was a term that was alien to each member of the family till the time her grandparents decided to build seven different homes for each of the families in the same complex. Bhavna’s parents are extremely conservative and a bit more when it comes to the girls. She was sent to Chandigarh to finish her college, was not allowed to do a job whereas her brother was sent to America for higher studies on a sole condition that he has to marry an Indian punjabi girl of his parent’s choice.

This and a lot more, Bhavna candidly shares details about almost every aspect of her life and after a certain point of time you start empathising with her. You understand how tough it must be for her to sail through everything that has been hitting her since her birth almost and towards the end you feel you’ve read a well written book. I must mention about the poem in the beginning of each chapter of the book. These poems summarise  each chapter in quite some way. Sharing one of the poems that I loved from the book

Papa was troubled by the (remote) possibility,
That his son would bring home a blonde from New York City.
So he made beta promise that he would abide
By his wish that only bring home an Indian bride.
Besides, Ma didn’t want a foreigner who would have her own way,
No – an Indian bahu is far better any day;
Cos if the food’s to be cooked, if the duster needs a twirl,
Aint nobody like a desi girl ……

(Did the last line of the poem rang a bell?)


200 pages – Check.
Quick Read – Check. Check.
Well written – Check.Check.Check.

Why I wrote the three lines above in this way? Well, you will find out when you will read this book. Do give this book a shot.

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Publisher : Hachette
Genre : Fiction
Price : 299/-

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