Daughter by Court Order – Ratna

daughter-by-court-order-400x400-imadwajdhcghbemuIt was a friend’s recommendation and the New York Times’ review of this book that made me pick up this work of fiction and I am mighty impressed with it. So much so that I could not stop myself from raving about it in the readers community. Daughter by Court Order is an important book in its own way. It raises a very important issue that women face in the modern India. This book deals with a very sensitive subject and the author has brought the subject in a fictional story in the best possible way.

One day, over a cup of tea which is a regular affair in any individual’s life, Aranya, the protagonist of the book discovers a truth that turns her life upside down. The remark made in an inoffensive way made Aranya discover the truth that he family had been hiding from her since years. A single mother of two children, Aranya who has to deal with a new struggle on each passing day, she is now in the middle of a storm that has the power of turning her life into shambles. Arnie (Aranya), who has been traumatised by her mother physically and psychologically throughout her life sets herself on a path to discover the truth as she has been snuffed by her own family so that she’s not eligible to get her share of her grandfather’s inheritance. Her entire existence becomes questionable all of a sudden. She fights against power, money, deceit and treachery for her right to be recognised as a daughter.

The book is a slow read. Every character takes its own good to time to build up and the author has done a commendable job in doing so. Trying to reach the untouched territories, this debut work of fiction is arguably the best I have read in recent times. The writing evoked emotions of a strange kind in me as a reader and left me satisfied when I finished this book. I am already looking forward to Ratna’s next book.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 295/-

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