Dancing With Demons – Nidhie Sharma

mask-in-the-mirror-400x400-imaeyyzzbrg4xshvA debut author whose book is already being made into a Bollywood film. This feat was intriguing enough for me to pick up this book. The author, Nidhie Sharma is a writer-director living in Mumbai and has studied at NYU. Dancing With Demons is a  story about two individuals who are treading on an unpredictable life all because of the ghosts of their past.

Based in Mumbai, Karan Pratap Singh is touted as the next big thing in the boxing world. He is playing one of the most important matches of his life and is all set to win it when things go horribly wrong and he loses it all and the boxing federation imposes a 4-year ban on him. Everyone around him is shattered but the person who is most affected by this is, Karan’s coach, Jerry. More than a coach, Jerry is a father-figure to Karan and has seen him grow.

Sonia, a beautiful young woman is hiding from demons of her past. She lands up in Mumbai and on the same night, fate brings her closer to Karan as her paying guest in his apartment. Life is tough for both Sonia and Karan but somehow they make a living and patiently wait for circumstances to get better but things keep on going downhill for them. The 4-year ban ends for Karan and he is all set to enter the boxing ring but again, demons of his past torment him for left.

And then one day, both Karan and Sonia decide to face the demons of their past, get hold of their lives and end everything for once and for all. Love blooms between them but things were never smooth for either of them. What happens in the end? For that, you need to read this book.

What I personally liked about the book is, I could visualise everything from the word go and that I feel is a great achievement for an author. I could visualise the characters in my head and could see them conversing and reacting to situations in the book. Though, in between I thought the storyline was getting a bit slow and I could guess what is going to happen but it is okay. What worked for me is the way plot unfolds and ends on a high. I am now waiting to watch this movie on the silver screen. Nidhie Sharma’s debut book deserves to be read because its promising and keeps you entertained throughout.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Harlequin Books
Genre : Fiction
Price : Rs. 299

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