Result – Christmas Day Giveaway – Silent House – Orhan Pamuk

I thought, I should do something for people who are into serious literature. So here I am giving out Orhan Pamuk’s latest book Silent House.

silent-house-275x275-imaddhkbebrnad9zAbout The Book : 

Each summer three siblings come reluctantly to visit their bitter old grandmother, in her dreary seaside home. Faruk, the eldest is alcoholic, recently divorced and adrift. Metin, the youngest is full of hunger, dreaming of escaping his family and studying in America. And in between them is their sister, Nilgn, a fiery youngs revolutionary, hurtling towards womanhood. Over the week, the family face first love, old ghosts and childhood memories. Watching them is the dwarf Recep, the housekeeper, who has stories of his own.

Haunting, tender and acutely observed, Silent House is was published to great acclaim in Turkey in 1983 and remains one of Pamuks most popular works in the country. It was the authors second novel and available in English for the first time.


Result : 

Congratulations Raka Majumdar !!!

You’ve won yourself this amazing book. Congratulations. Please send in your details to so that the book can be shipped to you.

Though, I was expecting a lot of participation in this one which didn’t quite happen. Anyways! A lot more is coming up.

4 thoughts on “Result – Christmas Day Giveaway – Silent House – Orhan Pamuk

  1. Someone unsure of where it is going; driven to ideas of “progress”, even if the ideas are only half-understood, coz ignorance adds a wild, mutated energy to one’s dreams

  2. A Silent House is the symbol of Turmoil.

    There is a idiom “calm before the storm”. What appears peaceful is not always the true picture. Words are left unsaid as anguish persists in the mind, waiting to explode one day! A Silent House is the refuge of this turmoil, a disaster waiting to happen.

  3. A silent house is a graveyard of broken dreams, of love being lost and left over memories of a happier time…
    Silent house that will wakes up to a new dawn, ushering in happiness, peals of laughter that fills every corner with love making the silent house a happy home!

  4. A silent house is the symbol of emptiness and numbness. A house is marked by the the laughter and sorrow of the people who live in it; all merged with one another’s. A silent house is bereft of happiness and sorrow. It is marked my numbness and points to a stormy past.

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