Chirping with Twitter

Contd. from Facing the Facbook

Twitter : Everyone following news on channels must be knowing about it. Instead of following what is happening around, these news channels are waiting for the tweets from well known people around the world.

Twitter is mainly known as a micro blogging website. Where you have to write anything about things in mere 140 letters including spaces …. WTF. Well people have devised methods to overcome this 140 characters limit, by using twitlonger and other random twitter related applications.For posting pictures, you can use twitsnap, twitpic, yfrog etc. And something very interesting that I came across while using twitter was utilities to shorten a URL such as,, tinyurl etc.

For some people I know, its just a method of passing time including me. But some are actually fun to follow. You get a variety of information about every fucking thing there. And trending about a topic is always fun. Trending is basically a keyword used with a “hash tag”. Suppose I want to trend about “CWG”, so I’ll merely add #CWG in whatever I’m going to post. But mind it, this hash tag thing eats up your characters, so better choose a small and intriguing one.

Following celebs in somewhat sense seems okay to me, because of the fact that people get to know about what their favorite celebs are doing and they get to interact with them. I’m sure celebs also must be having some favorite twitter users. Sometimes its fun to watch the way they reply or react.

Twitter is addictive, yes it is so beware if you get bitten by this chirping bird. As we all know, it has backfired for some celebs whose tweets are constantly under surveillance of news channels. Tweet for a reason, not for increasing the number of your tweets 😛 😛 😉

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