Cell – Robin Cook

cell-400x400-imadrvhdpmxh4tnrI wanted to read Robin Cook’s last book ‘Nano’ but somehow I couldn’t. I have heard great things about the medical thrillers that he has written over the years but somehow I couldn’t really lay my hands on his books. When I was offered to review Cook’s book by Pan Macmillan who happens to be the publishers of his latest offering, Cell, I grabbed the opportunity without thinking twice. We live in a world of mobile apps and Cell is based on that. This is a story about a smartphone app named iDoc and how something that was meant for the benefit of humankind turns out to be their worst nightmare.

George Wilson, the protagonist of the story is a radiology resident in Los Angeles. His fiancé, Kasey, is found dead one morning when he wakes up. She was sleeping right next to him but he didn’t get to know what happened to her. Life moved on for George and he continued with his work. All of a sudden, his hospital started getting cases of people dying all of a sudden and many of them known to him. While all this was happening, a smart phone app iDoc was launched. iDoc was touted to be fully customisable personal physician capable of diagnosing and treating patients more efficiently than any real doctor. Medical world was astounded by this latest offering but the app did more damage than any good.

When George connected the dots w.r.t his patient’s untimely deaths, he comes to the conclusion that all of them part the part of the beta testing program of the iDoc app including his fiancé. He delves deeper into solving this mystery but it gets twisted and more twisted as he goes forward causing a threat to his career and life. And towards the end, what he finds leaves him aghast.

Coming to the writing of the book, it worked for me in parts. There were times that I got so bored that I had put the book down and not touch it for several days. But then, curiosity to know what happens in the end got better of me and I managed to finish this book. Not thoroughly impressed but it made for an okayish read.  In my opinion, had this book been some 50-80 pages shorter, it could have been much more gripping.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Pan Macmillan
Genre : Fiction, Medical Thriller
Price : Rs. 599/-

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