Stop Taking People For Granted, Dear Flipkart !!

Before I begin with this post, I would like to say that I am writing this […]

Woes Of A Book Reviewer!

Before I begin this post, I would like to make it clear that I am […]

Blueprint For Change – BlogAdda’s Weekend Contest

Blogadda has been coming up with some interesting contests lately. Though I have never really […]

Hello Bastar & Independent India

The post comprises of the book review of “Hello Bastar” by Rahul Pandita and my […]

What Actually Drives Twitter ?

Please to note: 1.   The whole article is based on personal experience, observations and doings […]

Love for your country has no language

Absolutely loved this video and blogging it so that I could see it whenever I […]

Justice, System and Jessica

Being utter busy these days, I took out some time to catch up with the […]

Indians + Tea

The Indian tea is considered to be an epitome of taste, warmth, happiness and friendship. […]

Team Building Techniques

Effective team building techniques are very important to set a common goal for the team […]

Intuition vs Imagination

A question that you generally ask yourself about inner messages is “How can I tell […]

5 Easy ways to organize your work place.

Grab all of those post-it notes off your screen, phone, keyboard, and bulletin board and […]

Talk and Sort Method …..

Any programmer or who knows a bit about computer programming must be knowing about Sorting […]

TSD Rallying

TSD Rallying Related posts: Let’s question whose faith in God is more real? Blueprint For […]

One love of my life : Meditation

Meditation : ever since I have started doing it I think I have grown up […]