A Senseful Story

A mechanic was removing the engine parts from a motorcycle. When he spotted a famous […]

Regret !

While it would be wonderful to live a life of no regrets there are few […]

Some quotes about friendship

A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire […]

Team Building Techniques

Effective team building techniques are very important to set a common goal for the team […]

Intuition vs Imagination

A question that you generally ask yourself about inner messages is “How can I tell […]

Old is always Gold ……..

Suddenly dont know why, Today, I started listening to old songs like anything … may […]

Randoms thoughts of a random mind !

Dunno what made me write a blog entry at this point of hour but I […]

Life …….

What am I doing , I don’t understand,What I want to do , I don’t […]

ME ???

As this is my first blog entry,it should be about me only. Some people say […]