Bucketlist Of A Traveloholic – Sarika Pandit

bucket-list-of-a-traveloholic-400x400-imadufymg7hvbmrtI envy Sarika Pandit. I absolutely do. What she did to follow her passion was just so commendable. Well, what exactly she did, for that you will have to read her debut book ‘Bucketlist of a traveloholic’ that I have just finished reading from cover to cover. Sharing her sorrows with her friend during her MBA as both of them didn’t get good grades, Sarika randomly says to her friend “….by the time I hit thirty, I shall have all the pages of my passport stamped.” And this random statement by her is where lies the genesis of this book.

The first time Sarika got her passport stamped was during her first job. It was a two day trip to Singapore which was purely about work. But one day, she woke up and realised that she is just not doing what she should be doing with her life and tick the items in her bucketlist. And that is where it all began. She’d always wanted to learn a foreign language in its native country and that’s what she did in Spain while she explored the place around with her friend.

Post that, with different travel partners, Sarika just did what she had to. Much to the annoyance of her employers, she never hesitated asking for leaves, never cared about her dwindling bank balance, she just travelled and how. She experienced every new place unabashedly and had some bitter-sweet experiences too that do come unannounced while you travel.

For me, ‘Bucketlist of a traveloholic’ was an absolutely delightful read. I could feel what Sarika must have felt while she was turning from a chocolate-hater to chocolate-affociando in Brussels or was road tripping in Morocco through her words. The book will grip you from the word go and it will also inspire you to go out there and fulfil your dreams. More power to Sarika and her passion for globetrotting.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Fingerprint
Genre : Travel, Non-Fiction
Price : Rs. 250/-

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