Where The Rainbow Ends – Anurag Anand

where-the-rainbow-ends-400x400-imadpacfyrjh7vgjQuick reads, at times I crave for them and out of one such cravings, I laid my hands on Anurag Anand’s Where The Rainbow Ends. This was the first time I was reading his work and it took me by surprise. Though, the story was predictable, it had some elements missing but somehow I wanted to finish the book because of the way it is written.

Rahul Singh, resident of Mumbai and the protagonist of the book is dealing with a lot of chaos in his life. His marriage has fallen, he is jobless and his only daughter Myra is dealing with a fatal medical condition. He met his ex-wife Shalini during college and over the time they both decided to get married but things didn’t turn out the way Rahul had expected and the divorce happened.

Avantika comes into Rahul’s life when he was least expecting it. She provided both father and daughter the comfort and warmth that they were missing in their lives but one fine day, Avantika goes missing and there begins Rahul search for her and he realises that he knew nothing about her.

I am sure we have heard/read such stories in the past but then I feel I should give some brownie points to the author for the he has written the book. You won’t feel bored at any instant and would definitely turn the pages to find out what happens in the end. The writing is sublime and you connect with Rahul at some level and feel bad for the guy. All the characters are strong and have been given their due space. I just felt that this story could have been more elaborate and some smooth transitions in the story would have helped the plot. Overall, Where The Rainbow Ends is a nice read and can definitely be read once.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
Genre : Fiction

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