Book Review – When Strangers Meet – K. Hari Kumar

imagesQuick reads are always fun. There is nothing to ponder on, boredom doesn’t creep in and also if the story is good, you end up recommending the book to several people you meet. This is exactly what happened with K. Hari Kumar’s debut book, When Strangers Meet. A simple story narrated in a gripping style which forces you to turn pages. It took me 3 hours flat to finish this book while I was waiting for someone for three hours in the dreadful Delhi heat a couple of days back.

When Strangers Meet is divided into three parts, the runaway, Iyer’s story and revelations. In part 1, Jai Sharma, a youngster is too fed up of everyone around him. He wishes to get into acting but his father is totally against it. A dysfunctional family and moving out of a relationship, Jai is really flustered and when his father takes him to an engineering college for his admission, Jai really loses his patience and run away from his house and that is when he meets Iyer and Hussain and the story moves on.

The second part of the book is a something that I found difficult to sail through. Though, whatever has been told in there goes well with the story but it gets a bit too draggy and at times you lose interest and want to skip a couple of pages. Apart from that, I don’t think there was any flaw in the book. The third part of the book really takes you by surprise and leaves you wondering what the hell just happened. Overall, nice packaging, I must say.

K.Hari Kumar’s writing is very simple and the book is an easy read. The way characters have been build up and the narrative flows is something that will grow on your as you will turn the pages and also coming to the price of the book, 100 bucks is something you wouldn’t regret spending for a story like this. Thumbs up from my side.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-80349-93-0

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