Book Review – Voices From Chernobyl – Ingrid Storholmen

imagesChernobyl disaster, one of the worst man-made disasters of the previous century. When I first got to know about it, I started exploring it in whichever way it was possible. I saw many documentaries on Youtube, read many articles over the internet. I was shocked to learn that because of a person’s ignorance during an experiment, over 500,000 workers and cost an estimated 18┬ábillion Rubles have been spent to clearing up the contamination caused by this catastrophe. “Voices From Chernobyl” is an account of all the people who faced this disaster and came up with the stories about how they dealt with the situations back then and how they are still struggling to keep up with its after effects.

26 April, 1986 changed the history of Ukraine. Contaminated food, metallic water, poisonous acid rains and what not. People suffered up to an extent that when you read this book, your heart wrenches and you feel their pain. More than 67,000 people were relocated, weddings were called up, children were aborted, crops were burnt, radioactivity travelled all across Europe. With every page that you turn of this book, you see a new dark side of that catastrophe that took place. The book was originally written by Ingrid Storholmen in 2001 and 2002 in Norwegian. It has now been translated into English by Marietta Taralrud Maddrell.

The only problem with the book is, it lacks a structure. At times, you just cannot figure out when a story ends and other begins. But, if you can avoid this thing, this book will definitely hit you hard at so many levels. The writing is so simple and it has been translated perfectly. When I read the parts where a victim was telling about babies being aborted, thyroid glad being removed from the bodies of the victims, it filled me with extreme sadness. There are so many such stories in the book that makes you question people’s decisions, fate and ignorance towards extremely basic things. Voices From Chernobyl is one of the few books that made me cry. If you wish to know how disastrous can a nuclear accident could be, then you must read this book.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Harper Perennial
Price : Rs. 299/-
ISBN : 978-93-5029-587-8

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