Book Review – Untruly Yours – Smita Shetty

My weekend read was a simple yet captivating book by Smita Shetty, Untruly Yours. She contacted me a couple of days back and asked her if I can read and review her book. I said yes after seeing the book cover itself. The cover of the book indicates freshness and definitely Smita’s writing is fresh and totally relatable.

Untruly Yours is all about the female protagonist of the book, Natasha Iyer. A microbiology post graduate who met her husband Rakesh in the college. Natasha comes from a hip Bengali family and Rakesh comes from a conservative Tamil Bhraman family. The sparks between Natasha and ┬áher mother in law in the story leaves you in splits. The phrase “Godzilla Of Godzilla” that she uses for her mother in law is simply hilarious. Natasha has a 11 year old cheeky son named Rishabh and he ensures that she keeps running all the time. Natasha is not happy with the way her married life is going on and wants her husband Rakesh to bring is passion and excitement into their relationship, but when they doesn’t happen, Natasha breaks all the shackles and handle things in her own way. She goes to India and meets Steve and Veer. Both of them have an important role to play in the plot. Towards the end, Natasha has to take strong decisions about her love, friendship, marriage and parenthood and she does take them.

Smita Shetty’s debut book is definitely worth giving a shot. She has ensured that you laugh a LOT while reading this one. On every page, either you would be grinning or smiling. The book instantly connects with you and thats a great thing. Smita Shetty is definitely to be watched out for and I recommend Untruly Yours to you, if you are looking for a simple, feel good and short book.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Frog Books, Leadstart Publications
Genre : Fiction. Humour
ISBN : 978-93-81836-29-3

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