Book Review – Thundergod – Rajiv G Menon

I particularly enjoy the books of mythological fiction genre. I instantly get connected to books of this genre and thoroughly enjoy reading them. I had read a couple of review about Thundergod by fellow book reviewers and had put this book in my reading list and one day it dropped at my place. Westland is generous that ways! 🙂

Thundergod is the book 1 of The Vedic Trilogy. The subtitle of the book says “The Ascendance Of Indra”. A prince, orphaned by destiny is the son of Earth Goddess Gaia and chief of Devas, Daeyus. Both his parents are killed in an indecent way. Indra’s protector Sage Mitra keeps him safe from treachery and tribal incumbency. He teaches him how to survive and slowly and steadily Indra captures the heart of tribesman and then conquer the kingdoms in different parts of the world.  Too much sex, too much drama and too many wars form this book which takes you into a whole new world.

Whatever we have heard about Indra, his personality traits and his habits, all have been inculcated in the book in a brilliant way. His equation with his brother by blood oath, Agni, Vayu, Varuna and Soma, and their characters have been developed nicely. I would have liked some more conversations between brother to understand their psyche and I think it would have added more to the plot. Long narratives in the book turn you off at times but towards the end, the twist was something unexpected and now I am eagerly waiting for the second book of this trilogy.

Rajiv G Menon, the author, has come up with something that everyone can relate to. He has churned out a complete page turner though there is always a scope for improvement. I hope his next book has a tighter plot and he focusses more on characters and their equations with each other and a bit less sex. Too many characters is something that confuses me and it happened a lot of times while reading this book and I had to turn back the pages. It just takes away the essence at times.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Fiction, Mythological Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-81626-97-9

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