Book Review – Those Pricey Thakur Girls – Anuja Chauhan

those-pricey-thakur-girls-275x275-imadhfvr4tjfjzdgAnuja Chauhan is this petite lady who I had the opportunity to hear at the Jaipur Literary Festival this year. The way she spoke and her passion for writing is what intrigued me. I remember, she was sitting on the couch with crossed legs and was reading from her book at one of the sessions. That’s when I got to know that her latest book is going to hit the stands soon, hence the curiosity had been upped to read her. Friends who have read The Zoya Factor were raving about the book and the excitement around the book Those Pricey Thakur Girls was palpable.

The book was hilarious from the word go. The simple way with which each incident is narrated instantly struck a chord. What I absolutely loved was the way Debjani was introduced, lover of all losers, there was something poignant, something that tugged at your heartstrings that made you almost defend her stands. The setting of the books is the 80s India, something that can easy to connect with from things that you grew up with. Be it the hype and aura around being an employee of Doordarshan, or the Campa Cola which was the predecessor of Coke of our present times, or the card sessions which marked the active social life at those times leaves you with a sense of nostalgia.

The Zoya Factor I was told was Anuja Chauhan’s best, since I have not read that yet, I picked this book up without a bias. I did enjoy myself, the humourous way it was written had me in splits and I could not but help laughing out aloud. However, there were places I wished the author had thought it through, I felt Eshwari’s track felt half baked, it was like an abrupt end to her and her part of the story. Binodini was hilarious for being pompous and haughty, and what is even funnier is the way the Thakur girls were named in alphabetical order. I personally thought that the book falls under the popular fiction section as opposed to chick lit which most people consider this book to be.

One of the biggest challenge most writers feel is how to keep the readers hooked till the end. Despite a predictable ending Anuja Chauhan has managed to pull it off with elan. What was totally a treat was the way the drama unfolded in a typical mushy way which we can relate to yet break out in uncontrollable laughter!

Pick this book up because it is easily one of the best of the popular fiction category you will get to lay your hands on! Totally gripping and hilarious to the core!

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Harper Collins India
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-5029-602-8

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