Book Review – There May Be An Asterisk Involved – Vedashree Khambete

there-may-be-an-asterisk-involved-400x400-imadjjn6dvnmjkrkAdvertising fascinates everyone. I have been dealing with a lot of people from advertising industry lately and after all this while I have somewhat understood that how things roll in there. Vadashree Khambete’s debut book There May Be An Asterisk Involved is all about advertising and people who belong to this industry, their personal and professional relationships and much more.

Ira, the protagonist of the story is a copywriter with one of the best advertising agencies in the industry J. McCarthy. Her associates Aditi and Sam are her best friends also and they share every gossip, dilemma and personal stuff if needed. Also, all three never leave a chance to pull each other’s leg and the conversations between Sam and the two ladies turn hilarious within a fraction of seconds. The constant banter between these three and other characters in the book will definitely crack you up.

Life at J. McCarthy is not so easy. There are several clients, endless deadlines to meet, briefs, constant arguments, stealing of ideas etc. etc. etc. And amidst all this, Ira’s personal life is also in a mess and then she has to deal with internal politics at her office and what not.

Overall, There May Be An Asterisk Involved is a pleasant and quick read. In 206 pages, the author has covered almost everything that goes on in an ad agency and that too convincingly. Only a person who has been associated with marketing and ad-world can understand what certain things that are mentioned in the book, mean. Also, her writing style is simple and quirky. Her wit works almost everywhere in the book and at some places you will definitely laugh out loud.

Pick this book if you are a advertising/marketing professional. I am sure you would end up recommending it to a lot of people you know from the same industry.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Hachette India
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-5009-585-0
Price : Rs. 299/-

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